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One Definition of “Reprehensible”

May I rail for a moment against crass misrepresentation in the interest of the great god money, or just about the closest thing I have seen to that? It’s the “Brassage” massage bra, just covered on the tv news show Good Morning America. I’m not going to honor the
Brassage’s” manufacturer by checking the website out — because I’ve heard more than enough.

Apparently they claim this bra was medically designed (but facts prove not by a doctor but a chiropracter) and has some inherent ability to cure or improve cancer and/or other medical ills. And if you believe that, may I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, m’dear?

Were we not smack dab in the middle of a devastating and scary recession approaching depression, one might snigger charitably and walk on. Today I am let to question how this differs from the predatory value system behind Bernie Madoft-type schemes to misdirect and mislead those who trust and are vulnerable?

Beware not the Ides of March, but the Ides of those who care not one whit about your health. Don’t invest in yourself, a diet, a so-called ‘health’ cure, a corset, or an investment fund out of impatience, body-shame, or the Blackberry-rush of daily business. Do your homework. Choose a reputable, time-tested business who cares about old-fashioned values.

Let’s modify another saying and end with this warning: “Buy in haste–repent at leisure.”

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Can We Eat Cheaply, Yet Wisely?

I was chatting with a former waist training student recently, and commiserating about the state of the poor economy, and resulting cut-backs in the type of foods and restaurant outings we were able to afford. Yesterday I saw Rachael Ray, the cooking guru, on television, talking about how to cook nutritiously without spending a lot of money. My friend told me how boring it was to do the above, and it led to to wonder:

Do you have any techniques or ways to cut portions and expense, yet choose food products that allow you to prepare nutritious and non-boring meals?

Falling back on hot dogs and MSG-filled ramen noodles are a lethal recipe for maintaining one’s figure and health, and those foodstuffs certainly work against corset waist-training goals.

Through April 15 ROMANTASY is sponsoring a call for unique recipes that are also cost-cutting and corset-friendly. If we haven’t already included them in our book, Corset Magic, and we test and accept your proposal, we’ll gift you with a copy of our book! (Be careful about violating copyright laws; please send accurate information about your sources)

Remember we are offering a $50 corset discount if you register for our waist-training coaching program before April 15. It might be a wise investment, and healthy treat and wise way to invest any expected tax refund:

–Ann Grogan, President¬† (


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Welcome to our New Waist-Training Student, Katrina!

Before in corsetWelcome to Katrina — ROMANTASY’s newest waist-training student! The next three months will provide a fantastic, fashionable, and fun opportunity to our new coaching student to reach her health-first, figure-trimming goals during corset waist-training. We’re so certain that this enthusiastic and upbeat lady will reach her reasonable goals, that we now invite you to her San Francisco graduation party! We’ve tentatively scheduled it at the famed Fairmont Hotel (Nob Hill) on Saturday, June 6. Mark your calendars and plan to join our merrie corseted group on that festive evening!

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