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Tips on How to Bear Up For Long Days of Training

Most programs of corset waist training involve working up to long days of corset wearing. After six or seven hours laced down a few inches, it can become tough, and sometimes almost unbearable.

While we are not one who believes in pain, we do believe in serious challenge and moderate to severe discomfort during training, in order to get the best results —  so long as that discomfort comes about by  gradual building up of hours before lacing tighter.

Recently Barbra, our waist-training student in our coaching program, switched to her own corset, from two weeks using a  “loaner” corset. She had found her original corset a bit too tough for the initial training weeks. The loaner corset had a 5″ waistline close from Barbra’s own starting waistline of 28.25″, but it was patterned for another, slightly larger client. thus it was a bit more comfy overall to wear.

Barbra’s first three nine-hour days back in her own corset were tough, because it was patterned more tightly top to bottom than her “loaner”  corset had been. She was a bit apprehensive about moving on to three days of 12 hrs. per day of continuous wear next scheduled on her program.

Here are seven tips we provided her and that might work for you when you reach the “tough” training stage — but let it be really tough before you choose to implement one of these:

From our former student Bret:

1. On a long wear day, I found it easier to put the corset on, lace to 1 inch over final stage and wait an hour or so before slowly pulling in that one inch.
2. Then, I reminded myself after about two hours my body would relax and become more comfortable.
3. Keep some Advil handy just in case the ribs get sore or you get a headache.
4.  Also, go easy on your meal sizes (cut back on calories that day, or divide your portions into even more per day than normal).
From our experience:
5. If during the day of wear it gets into ‘the excurciating’ level (not just tough or annoying) for you, then at that stage,  open the corset up by 1/2″ and try to go the full number of scheduled hours — then add 1/2 to 1 more hour that day to compensate.
6. Another approach would be to split the scheduled 12  hours into two parts, and add 1/2  to 1 hr. more that day, until you ease into your own corset at continuous wear.
Marines crop
7. A third approach would be to reduce by one hour or two hours the wear for that day, but add up to a full hour of floor exercises of the oblique and transverse muscles that day to compensate. The “Marines Crunch” is pictured here — a tough oblique muscle exercise but an effective one!
One might say: “pick your poison”…but stay in that corset, and stay the course. The process works, if you work it!
What ideas and tips do you have to help our student?





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