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Checking blood pressure if you have an issue, and want to waist train

Chari makes a very good point about those corset enthusiasts having prior or existing blood pressure problems, maintaining a contant, multi-daily check of the issue when they corset. We became aware of this important health matter and risk while corseting, when one of our early informants interviewed for our “Corset Magic” book research, OY Dalziel from London, conducted several home eperiments with his own blood pressure, and found it was elevated about 15% by his own tightlacing, but after removing the corset, it dropped to normal within about 15 minutes, just like Cheri reports.

The corset renders blood circulation northward (and masticated food descension southward) much more difficult since it squeezes the midriff. That is why we do not recommend corseting or tightlacing for anyone experiencing swollen ankles, hypertension, substantial acid reflux or the more risky GERD disease, and other.

Immediate and long-term health is just too important to ignore issues like these in the interests of our vanity goals or desire to challenge ourselves thru tightlacing.

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