One Definition of “Reprehensible”

May I rail for a moment against crass misrepresentation in the interest of the great god money, or just about the closest thing I have seen to that? It’s the “Brassage” massage bra, just covered on the tv news show Good Morning America. I’m not going to honor the
Brassage’s” manufacturer by checking the website out — because I’ve heard more than enough.

Apparently they claim this bra was medically designed (but facts prove not by a doctor but a chiropracter) and has some inherent ability to cure or improve cancer and/or other medical ills. And if you believe that, may I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, m’dear?

Were we not smack dab in the middle of a devastating and scary recession approaching depression, one might snigger charitably and walk on. Today I am let to question how this differs from the predatory value system behind Bernie Madoft-type schemes to misdirect and mislead those who trust and are vulnerable?

Beware not the Ides of March, but the Ides of those who care not one whit about your health. Don’t invest in yourself, a diet, a so-called ‘health’ cure, a corset, or an investment fund out of impatience, body-shame, or the Blackberry-rush of daily business. Do your homework. Choose a reputable, time-tested business who cares about old-fashioned values.

Let’s modify another saying and end with this warning: “Buy in haste–repent at leisure.”

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One response to “One Definition of “Reprehensible”

  1. Bernice

    This quackery is manufactured by MIH, an apparel company run by Christina Erteszek, the daughter of famous lingerie designer Olga. I got to wonder what her mom, Olga thinks of this. Olga once made nice undies back in the day before they were purchased by Warners. They were an alternative to what the cooperate undie manufactures offered in terms of quality, style and fit. Before Olga was sold to Warner’s Olga offered a line of bras and undies under the label “Christina” which was only moderately successful. Regardless, this is pure quackery and snake oil sales marketing at it’s finest. Do they believe or think women are really this dumb or un-educated and so vulnerable to fear and fraud tactics like this?

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