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The words we use count — for a lot!

“The TVA (transverse abdominus) exercise is ok, but my real exercise comes from the gym and PT when I sweat.”

So opines my present coaching student, Ms. K.

I reminded her again as I have before, that words count.

If she sees the TVA as a minor, unimportant form of exercise, compared to her regular gym routine, then she will be likely to skip it, or not give it 100 percent effort to see if it helps pull in the lower belly, improve posture, and contribute to her reaching her figure-trimming goals. The TVA will do all of the above, when employed in a  comprehensive waist-training program.

You’ll see where the TVA is located in the two diagrams in this blog. It goes across the front of the lower torso, above and below the belly button. There are several exercises that involve this important muscle and they are simple, fast and effective, do-able while lying down (easier to locate the muscle) or standing up while in line at the post office, bank or elsewhere.

Words count for a lot in order to adjust your mindset so that you have the very best chance possible, to reach your figure-reshaping goals during formal waist training. How you think about your overall training, or any element of it including exercise, choosing more corset-friendly foods, changing some of your eating habits and patterns, trying new things, learning to endure longer hours of corseting in a more and more comfortable manner — all these elements can be influenced to a greater or less extent, by how and what you think about each one.

A positive mindset, even using “self talk” with positive words, can:

  • create positive expectations that you will reach your goals
  • make it easier to “stomach” the modest changes that are required during corset training
  • push you gently in the right direction, and
  • counter any negative old habits or negative comments you might receive from others who learn of your corseting efforts.

It’s unimportant if my student or reader agrees with me about words setting positive expectations and making their adventure easier and them more likely to reach their goals — so long as they go ahead, follow my advice, and incorporate positivity and positive self talk into their three-month program no matter their belief.

I’m experimenting now with tapping. It’s a process you can learn about online or on Dr. Mercola’s website. I’m uncertain, even dubious, about its efficacy.  It’s said to help with everything from work stress, to personal relationships, to physical challenges and pain. However I decided to give it a one month, consistent try to find out. It can’t hurt me, and it has the possibility in my mind, of helping my particular issue at hand.

My BFF Jeanette suggested that one thing I say to myself during the three or four rounds of tapping each day (twice a day), is: “I’m unsure if this will work or not, but I have an open mind and will give it a good try…” and then continue as the procedure proscribes. Because I believe in the effectiveness of positivity, I will try it. That’s the least I can do to help myself in every way possible with my present goal.

How about you? Will you try positivity, and the TVA? You can read more about it online or in my new waist training book.


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