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ROTFL…read our corset client enthusiast Clarissa’s post!

Clarissa – you are a hoot and I adore you and your attitude about life, health, nutrition,  body image, corsets, and love!

You are spot on with your comments about the ridiculous tomfoolery that some women (particularly beauty pageant women and fashion models) put themselves and their listeners through, and how they justify to themselves their truly harmful yo-yo dieting and their other ridiculous attempts to look like Twiggy.

It used to be the Playboy Bunny I railed against, but today we are back to Twiggy, with pumped up arms.

Common sense as Will said, is exceedingly uncommon. So is truth telling uncommon for the most part, but that’s what Romantasy stands for and that’s precisely what our right-on friend Clarissa stands for as well!

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