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Latest News on Obesity: Nov. 18, 09

I wonder what the New Year will bring in terms of health care reform — and whether or not we will reform our eating habits and choices for the better, and stop killing ourselves? Don’t individuals have some responsibility for controlling the high costs of health care? Or shall we continue to abdicate responsibility and look to the government to provide it all for us?

Charlie Gibson on the evening news just reported that in ten years, 43% of Americans will be “obese”, that we now spend $344 billion on health care each year with 1 in every five dollars going to matters related to obesity. By 2018 each obese person will spend $8315 per year on health issues —  $2300 more than non obese individuals.

There’s apparently a new book out by Dr. Marian Nestle called Food Politics. It sounds like an important read so I intend to check it out.

It makes me gloomy to know time and yet again, that information and education are not changing poor eating habits and food choices according to the statistics, at least in this country. I’m wondering if this miserable economy is contributing to poor choices because of low cost of fast and fatty foods? Is one a cause and one an effect?

I’ve discussed eating well with less money before, but as always, ideas from you are welcome. We seem to need all the help we can get when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

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