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Yet Another Quick Fix

Yet another quick fix, or re-popularized old quick fix reported today on Good Morning America. Apparently we are now going crazy using herbal cleanse diets to drop a pound a day or more…but of course it’s only water loss, not fat loss, and the weight is quickly gained right back. Plus these kinds of diets are typically defeated sooner rather than later by hunger. Corset waist training defeats hunger, and in a few short days or a week or so. That’s what my students consistently report, and hunger is one of two main reasons (the other is stress) that doctors tell us that diets don’t work. To me, this is one of the miraculous results of corset waist training, compared to all other diets, and something that Oprah has yet to fully grok. Hunger seems to be her problem (and for some, even attendant crankiness).

The corset somehow diverts attention away from hunger, and perhaps toward the entire bodily feelings while corseted, perhaps feeding one’s ego with admiring comments and glances that one receives when corseted and training, perhaps to more pressing physical challenges than that of mere hunger! Do you have an experience regarding hunger, or a theory about why corset waist training works to defeat hunger?

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Mass-marketed “flex belt” is FDA approved — and costs $199 not custom!

Just back from a biz conference in Atlanta, to find a new “quick fix’ to the obesity problem. Now it’s a “Flex Belt” apparently FDA-approved and priced at “only” $199 (we can provide custom starting at $165) — not custom of course, not steel-boned, and not a corset. You can check it out here:

The Belt works by shocking your muscles — automatically toning and reducing them, I suppose. It’s been touted in various national magazines who have yet to get on board with corset waist training, and how effective and simple that is, requiring only a bit of effort and focus. But we continue to want ‘mommie belt’ or ‘daddie surgery’ to do it all for us. I can’t help but wonder how healthy it is to subject our muscles to electrical shocks on a regular basis. Anyone care to speculate?

Our current waist training student Cat, reported in yesterday upon beginning her 10th week of training. I measured her up and she has dropped 3 1/4″ off her waistline and 16 pounds in nine weeks. She has three more weeks to train in her 12-week program, and our San Francisco (Fairmont Hotel) Nov. 22 Corset Soiree graduation party to look forward to.

I hope you can join us and meet Cat, an inspiration for sure, although her way has not always been easy, primarily because she becomes overly demanding on herself in terms of expected progress, when in reality her progress has been substantial. We try to help our students focus on just doing their best whether or not they see immediate results, keeping focused on the goal, consistency in following the program, and a positive attitude — and we’ve seen the results. You will, too, if you decide to try waist training. ROMANTASY is accepting applications now, for our formal coaching program:

starting in January, so send in those applications and inquiries since it takes a few weeks to prepare the questionnaires and preliminary steps prior to starting the program. Don’t try to train over the holidays; the challenges are too much for most of us and it’s important to give yourself the best possible start and chance to succeed in attaining reasonable goals that you set for yourself. Can afford the time or fees to join our formal coaching program? No problem. We can help work out a daily wearing, nutrition, and/or exercise plan for you, if you already have your training corset.  Check out our new consultation programs here, and happy and healthy waist training!

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Clothing for the Well-Corseted Man

John inquires about how to find well-fitting mens’ clothing for tight-laced men who are not transgendered. I simply don’t know, in major part I suspect because the great majority of my men clients prefer NOT to show off their trim waistline, and usually present the opposite questIon: “How do I disguise my new waistline?”

I suggest that the answer is the same for John as for any female client, and that is to find a good tailor who knows how to expertly nip the waistline of men’s jackets and take in slacks. Women must eventually do the same because even putting a belt over a dress will eventually result in too thick and bulky of a waistline with too many folds in the dress fabric as the waistline is reduced, resulting in an unaesthetic appearance or the impression that the dress is ill-fitting. I’d love to hear other answers or suggestions to provide further help to our blog contributor.

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