ann-blog2a.jpgHello Corset and Lifestyle Health Enthusiasts! I discovered the true magic of custom corsetry 18 years ago when I tried on my first BR Creations Corset at a lecture in San Francisco by Ruth Johnson, perhaps the best known and respected American corsetiere, sadly now retired from the ROMANTASY corsetmaker team. Almost immediately I came to appreciate corsets for creating proper posture of which my Mom approved!, providing back support for my tired muscles (and preventing further back injury), and improving the fit of my clothing. Plus–and to be quite honest–that first corset garnered me a lot of audience appreciation from those strange folk from Mars…nothing I had ever benefited from over my young years as a twiggy-type tomgirl from Venus! (Dolly Parton, I’m not!).

However, over the years I worked with Ruth in my San Francisco lingerie and corset shop, which became my present active Internet corset website, my personal interest and commitment turned from fashion first, to health first. I realized that health is the single most important sine qua non that enables true happiness in life. Without health nothing much else matters. So I turned my attention to the somewhat mystical connection between corsets and permanent figure-shaping and weight loss I noted in my customers, and then in me, as I maintained and even dropped 1/2 inch off my 24″-waistline (better than in high school, believe it or not!). Thus, it is from this commitment to health first—both yours, and mine–that I launch this blog on corsets, and focus our discussion on the increasingly-popular topic of “Waist Training,” our speciality at ROMANTASY and the topic of my detailed book, Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure. I’m interested in your comments about how waist-binding, belting, corseting, or even nutrition and exercise (which as Professor Valerie Steele says, creates an internal type of corset), has helped you or others trim your waistline, maintain your health and figure, or more importantly, step back from the precipice of the growing national and international disease of obesity. Welcome to the discussion, so that together we can help others take a step forward toward health and happiness, as they lace a step down in their beautiful, magical corset!

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  1. Sarah

    I’ll keep this short and to the point. I believe that proper nutrition in addition to exercise are keys to good health. I circulate quite abit, but I also gained weight from non proper nutrition, especially in regards to portions. I needed waist training since I did not have the time to go to the gym and spend 1-2 hours a day trying to get the small waist line. For some of us waist training is a needed tool for accomplishing a small waist.

  2. I am fifty-two and am seemingly getting thick waisted. What can I do? I have heard of waist training. How do I get started or is it too late for me?

    • Hello Lydia, I have an FAQ addressing your question but in general, age has little to do with corseting or waist training! I started at age 48 and continue to wear corsets from time to time, even for min-training programs, and I’m age 66!! There is a ton of information on my website. Go to, click on corsets/products, scan the buttons and choose what you wish to learn about, including Corsets-Waist Training! I hope you are inspired by the real life photos of my students before and after three months of waist training! It can work — if you work it! I’m here to chat about a proper training corset and plan for you when you are ready to proceed. Have a great holiday season! Ann

    • Hello Lydia, I’m sorry to be so delayed in answering. Often I reply faster via email: Age has nothing to do in general, with modern-day corset waist training. I did not start until I was 48 years old~! We are not talking about Victorian times when girls as young as 6 were put into structured unboned bodices then changed to lightly boned bodices a few years later and finally to boned corsets. Their bodies molded easily and accommodate to restriction gradually over time. Today almost anyone in general good health can waist train and improve their posture plus reach reasonable waistline inch or weight loss goals. Please email with further questions and I’m happy to help furhter and also provide you with a comfy, suitable corset so you too, can begin to explore this fascinating process.

  3. Hi Ann! May I know where you got this corset pictured here: It looks amazing!

    • Hi Kath, That is a Victorian double-boned in 1/2″ wide bones in pink dupione with net overlay and ribbons, made by Jade Locke. Jade was on our team for about four years then moved onto Boulder and into a boutique and a bridal corset business. We miss her greatly! While we won’t replicate any style because we respect copyright law, we can approximate or design something unique for you along those design lines. Thanks!

  4. Hello there, Usually I state my source of information, because I am a retired attorney and absolutely devoted to facts and not fiction! If you have a specific comment you need my foundation for, just let me know. You may always write me at for a more personal, detailed answer about corsetry and waist training. Thanks for your visit from Japan! We have several happy corset clients who live in your wonderful country.

  5. Sophia

    I’m trying to find a long waist training corset

    • Hi Sophia, Just checking back to see if you might want to give me more details in an email to: I’m not sure if you received my earlier email reply? Would happily pursue an understanding of what you mean by long waisted? Our corsets are primarily custom so they fit your individual measurements, and of course can be longline or high hipped as you desire. Please let me know more about what you envision. I’m certain one of our corsetiere team members could suit your needs.

  6. Abigail

    I have a question about waist training – if I used a waist cincher or an hourglass corset, would I have to wear it forever to maintain the reduction, or would I be able to eventually go without it?

    • Hello Abigail, Thanks for your visit and I’m happy to help with general waist training information! But it’s hard to answer you with a definitive answer with such little information from you. It would be better if I knew what size/shape are you, what work you do, how you have lost weight in the past, what your mom and dad looked like figure-wise, what your goals are, how will you wear the corset and will it be custom or readymade, shorter (cincher) or longer, will that choice sufficiently control your torso and provide comfy wear, how will you go about waist training, and other lifestyle questions! Some of my clients and students have pursued periodic (for a month or two) of serious waist training after going thru our three-month program to lose weight, some choose to do “maintenance corseting” by wearing the corset three nights per week to maintain their new figures. We all know that if you reach a goal in life, then pig out on Krispy Kreme donuts, well…need I say more? So you need to implement some moderate lifestyle/nutrition changes and address prime reasons that caused you to overeat in the past. If we don’t make those moderate changes and face down our minor and major demons, we will continue making unhealthy choices for ourselves. If you care to engage in further personal details I’m happy to chat at or call me at 415 587-3863. You might also enjoy reading thru our FAQ pages as there is much info there as well as on our waist training blog. Good luck!

  7. Hi there,
    I have recently became very interested in waist training and I am trying to gain a little more knowledge before comitting. I stumbled on to your page and you seem very knowledgeable 🙂
    I was hoping you could give me some quick advice or perhaps link me to specfic areas of your page that may help.

    First, how many hours a day should I be wearing my corset?
    Secondly, Do corsets work well at flattening out love handles as well and possible problem areas on the back?

    Tanks so much for your time 🙂

    • Hi, Thanks for your visit to our waist-training blog. We are relying on about 8000 or more orders over our 24 yrs in business, plus my personal experience wearing over 70 corsets in my collection, by 13 different makers. They all do differ by the way in quality, fit and silhouette, so please try one of our wonderful team of four stellar corsertieres when you are ready next to add to your wardrobe. However to answer you, I suggest you ask your corsetmaker what they advise. I can only give you some general advice since I don’t know the quality, fit, silhouette, construction, fabric or other regarding your corset. Any qualified corsetiere will be able to advise you. Otherwise please tell me more plus your measurements and measure of the waist of your present corset. Also are you requesting temporary or permanent figure shaping? As for that you can click on our waist training button and follow the links for a ton of gratis information, and also I advise spending a bit of time on our FAQ pages where we provide truly detailed information with informative picturs as well. The more facts you can give me and even with photos, the better I can personalize my response. Have fun with your corset!

  8. Austin

    Im a man interested in corsetry for waist training as well as cross dressing. I also have back problems and sleeping makes it worse so I was particularly interested in the possible aid this could be for that as well. I was wondering if you could guide me to a good starting point for the jump into this lifestyle?

    • Hello goofygoober (cute!), it seems you have a multitude of reasons that make you a suitable candidate to appreciate the benefits of corsetry! I will email you directly for a more detailed reply that your inquiry deserves, but I’m happy to encourage you here to explore our FAQ at and read the questions on health matters, plus our Sales navigation button on Policies, and our Waist training button as well. The latter will guide you to know the basic choices we offer (and they provide real alternatives) in fine custom corsetry. Check your inbox for email from next, and we”ll move forward from there with education first: our motto and our commitment to ensure you invest wisely and well in the corset for you!

  9. Hi, I have recently visited your site. Its very interested & helpful . I found many info about waist trainer but i need choose a best Waist Training Corset. Can you write an article about it. Thanks

    • Hi there, happy to meet you and help. I posted a guest article about how to choose a great training corset, on writer Shceffield’s facebook page. Please check it out here: We also have a “how to order” new subbutton under “Corsets: Basically you may choose from one of our lines or corsetry (Fundamental and Elegant best for trainnig), or choose one of our three corsetmakers whom you like, check the styles they offer and pricing (we post all prices in cotton twill but we offer options to embellish your corset or make it stronger, depending on what you need. You may order online or call me at 415 587-3863 or send me email with your desires, budget and measurements. If I know your main purposes and budget then i will personally guide you to the right style and maker for your purposes and check measurements to ensure a great fit and comfort, too. Hope that helps1 Corset hugs, Ann

    • Hello, I see that you are interested, too, in exercising with a corset! Thanks for your visit! That is possible of course, and body builders use those rubbery U shaped cinchers for the most part, but we’ve had some clients come to use for better fitting hourglass underbust Vics to use during exercise. My BFF wears a cotton custom corset to swing a gold club, Dr. Milt Simmons who advises me on medical matters, also wear one for the same purpose, and many Europeans ride their bicycles while tightly laced. I’ve sold one to my house painter and a full figure heavy equipment operator to support their backs. The corset puts even pressure around your body, holding organs in place and preventing extreme motions that could stretch muscles beyond comfort. I’d happily write a guest article on your blog on exercise and custom steel boned corsets (for example beset to use coiled steel for that type of work horse corset). Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well at ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry. Warm corset hugs, Ann

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