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The Source of Hunger and Why It Disappears With Waist Training

Wikipedia says that “grellin is a hormone produced mainly by P/D1 cells lining the fundus of the human stomach and epsilon cells of the pancreas that stimulates hunger.[1] Ghrelin levels increase before meals and decrease after meals. It is considered the counterpart of the hormone leptin, produced by adipose tissue, which induces satiation when present at higher levels. In some bariatric procedures, the level of ghrelin is reduced in patients, thus causing satiation before it would normally occur.”

I heard Dr.  Oz on his recent tv show mention that hormone and I went to look it up. Editors of a study on ghrelin quoted by Wikipedia, clarify that rapid emptying of the stomach is closely related to overeating and obesity and that gastric distension acts as a satiety signal. But corsets prohibit stomach distension. Does corseting substitute for gastric distension and also delay emptying of the stomach so that the wearer feels full faster?

The above brief introduction by Wikipedia doesn’t give me the answer to a few hunger-related questions I failed to address in my waist training book simply because I don’t have the answer yet. Those questions relate not only to what causes hunger and what’s related to it, but to why squeezing the stomach with a corset, aside from physically reducing the area one can stuff with food, reduces hunger not just in the moment–but permanently disappears hunger in a matter of days. That’s something I observe personally, and something that is consistently reported to me by other corset enthusiasts and by many of the students whom I coach in waist training.  If ghrelin levels increase before meals yet a corseted person doesn’t feel hungry, what is happening?

As with any medical issue, there is a level of complexity that a layperson cannot possibly comprehend, and research changes the horizon study-to-study. It’s a topic I’ll pursue in the near future, but I’d like to hear about your practical hunger experiences of all kinds, especially with consistent corseting.

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What meaning has “FDA Approved”?

I found an amazing article in one of the online magazines to which I subscribe and I commend it to you:

It’s a bit ponderous, overly-long, and replete with extremist terminology, but we’ll forgive that because it provides a great reminder about the importance of thinking. It deals with the unjustified reliance that many people place on ‘governmentally-approved’ drugs, that is “FDA approved” drugs, to solve medical problems. Diet pills immediately came to my mind.

Here’s a bit from that article to peek your interest:

“The country is pacified by a blind belief that the drugs being prescribed to them have been proven safe because our government health agencies have our physical health and well-being in their best intentions.  This is a lie, an extraordinarily deadly lie. Iatrogenesis, medically induced injury and death, is the number one cause of death in American medicine annually, since only a small percentage of these deaths are actually reported. Each year more Americans die from preventable deaths due to our medical system than all military causalities in the two world wars combined. This is tantamount to medical genocide.

“One of the major causes of these deaths is the overmedication of Americans in all ages. The constant need for profits has created an environment that allows the pharmaceutical industrial complex to use their enormous financial and political clout to literally make normal life experiences into new diseases, such as social anxiety disorder, in order to sell its drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has been given the authority to pathologize life, with the drugging of our children, seniors, etc. For example, the leading cause of AIDS deaths today is a result of liver failure. This is not a condition of HIV infection, but a direct result of the anti-HIV drug AZT. Is it little wonder then that we are being intimidated and frightened into believing that mandatory vaccination is being touted even though the science of efficacy and safety, even the need, for these new swine flu vaccines is patently unproven. It is perhaps one of the largest falsehoods ever perpetuated on humanity that dwarfs the sleaze on Wall Street.”

I just heard a news reporter mention that the new diet “pill” is now a shot! Even less thinking and even less human involvement it seems.

Considering the above point, why wouldn’t the pill and shot manufacturers want to promote reliance on drug labels and governmental approval, rather than encourage us to think for ourselves, and put out a little bit of effort to drop those additional pounds with fun things like a three-month trial of corset waist training?

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Surprising News about Corseting re: muscle tone

I just had a client whom I’ve come to know on a surprisingly deep human basis over the past three years, ring my door bell. I’m not one to like drop-bys very much, and I typically require appointments before opening my door. Something compelled me to open it this time, and for a few seconds of ‘catch up’ I chatted with my friendly client who promised to soon call and make a formal appointment to be measured for his third corset. One quick result of corseting he wanted to report, however, surprised me even more than his visit.

Although he wears his corset occasionally underneath female clothing when he choses to crossdress, he told me he also wears it consistently every night. Upon rising he removes his corset and goes off to the gym for a regular exercise routine. He reported that lately he has noticed that he has developed better and more toned muscles, and disappeared his back soreness when he arises from sleeping on a waterbed! His theory is that the pressure of the corset at night when we tend to relax and spread out in bed, keeps his muscles taut and constricted, and in that sense, enhances body memory and tone of the muscles themselves, perhaps like the electric stimulation device that promises the same results? I’m not sure about the scientific basis of his theory nor is he, but the body memory part resonates with my own theory about one of the primary reasons that corset waist training works.

Does anyone who sleeps in a corset or wears one regularly, care to comment or theorize with us?


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More about plumbing and corseting

Well, this blog is not really about plumbing plumbing, if you know what I mean. A young corset client and new waist-training enthusiast just wrote inquiring about wearing her corset when dealing with ‘plumbing’ issues, particularly no. two, and if wearing her corset will help or hinder those things. She also inquired about why her new higher fiber diet (35 gms per day; we also recommend even moving up to 40 to 50 or more gms of fiber a day, but doing so slowly over time with some compensation needed in terms of adding calcium, magnesium, and potassium when fiber gets that high as a portion of your diet), didn’t seem to be making her elimination easier as she had expected.

Sound questions. Considering advice I’ve solicited and received over the years I’ve been studying nutrition and corset waist training plus other health matters, much of it from practicing physicians and nurses, and even from a recent dietician client, I suspect that changes in one’s nutrition as to intake amount and portion of fiber, cutting back on calorie intake, or even changing ones eating habits such as slowing down to chew more slowly, all this can have an impact on other systems of the body. After all, we are one human body, not a body separated into unrelated systems.  Change one thing and other things will be impacted.

It didn’t sound like my client’s problems were serious enough for a doctor’s visit, but being a responsible person I should stress to her and to you that paying attention to things like this early on before they become medical matters, is highly responsible and logical. Waist training brings to you a lot more body-consciousness, and this consciousness is crucial to preserve your health, understand your body, and work with it and not against it as you move slowly forward with waist training. It’s the same thing as with any other kind of rather rigorous discipline. Waist training is after all, both a mental and a physical challenge requiring new patterns, habits, and certain changes to be made.

If there is one thing I have learned over my past 20 years in the corset business, it is that every one is individual. How you relate to corseting and training will differ from anyone else, although certain patterns can be expected. What I recommended to this young client is that she experiment going to the bathroom wearing her corset tightly, loosely, and then not wearing it at all, to see what worked for her. I know folks who do all of the above or prefer only one!

Also I suggested that she be sure to up her water intake to 10 glasses per day for certain, and chew her food extra well. In addition, I suggested she might want to try two things I personally have found effective to ‘keep me on track.’  The first is to add wheat bran (purchase at health food stores; sometimes even at supermarkets), starting with 2 Tbsp per day moving up to 6 to 9, to her diet. It can easily be added to soups, salads, cereals and even more. The taste is rather nice, nutty as it were, and it’s easy to down. That’s insoluble fiber that seems for some to aid the passage of stool. Second, I suggested she try one small can or juice glass of prune juice every night before bed. Those two steps seem to work for me–but again, everyone differs.

For certain if one’s pattern of elimination changes dramatically for the worse and persists for more than a few days (depending on what is normal for you), and you  can’t seem to find the right solution, then it might be time to check with your doctor, but I’ve yet to find anyone who couldn’t solve this problem by themself.  Do you have some tried-and-true remedies for occasional constipation? One a friend sent some time ago, was to warm a glass of prune juice in the microwave and the put a small pat of butter on top.  Try it–you might like it!


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Anything that seems transparent, usually isn’t!

I recently found an interesting discussion on obesity and culture, in an interview with Doug Casey, on at:

“You know, Michael Moore, who is physically obese, intellectually dishonest, and philosophically unsound (what a pathetic combination – he should run for Congress), made the argument in his ridiculous movie that the average Cuban is healthier than the average American. That’s totally correct – but it has absolutely nothing to do with the health care system. The average Cuban isn’t healthier than the average American because his health care system is better. It’s a horrible – actually, a primitive health care system. The technology stopped advancing there back in 1960, and the doctors stopped learning new things in that year… medicines… Nothing has changed since 1960. But the average Cuban is in much better health than the average American. – There are two reasons for that: he has a much better diet, which is to say that he eats way fewer calories (and they are unrefined calories), and he gets a lot more exercise than the average American. – When things change in Cuba, so they have a diet like that of the average American and the same kind of transportation as the average American, the average Cuban will be in much worse shape. – People conflate the health of a population with a country’s medical system, when these things really have almost nothing to do with each other. – What this actually shows is the degraded state of American society. Instead of taking some personal responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices, they try to rely on medicos to engage in heroic efforts to keep them alive with tubes up their noses after they’ve become flaccid and bloated from a lifetime of bad habits.”

(To which the interviewer said:)This reminds me of the way Romans were said to have gorged themselves at banquets until they couldn’t eat anymore, proceeded to the vomitorium to unload, and then headed back to their couches to gorge again… But that might actually be healthier than what so many Americans seem to want to do, which is to eat all they want and then have it removed surgically later.”

To which we say: a-woman! The message loud and clear here, is to look beneath the surface of anything that seems transparent.  It likely isn’t.

I’m led to wonder if the base of all troubles both personal and professional, goes right back to the notion of personal responsibility? The first way to demonstrate responsibility is to start with thinking. And the way to end today’s musings is to paraphrase Will Rogers: “Thinking is extremely uncommon.”

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Today’s observations about media hype, ribs, and patience

I found it instructive once again, to note the importance of media pandering to the allmighty dollar and the baser nature of some human beings. After David Letterman, a popular late-night tv host in America in case our non-US readers don’t know, announced last Thursday night that he was being attempted to be blackmailed for alleged extramarital affairs with some of  his staff which he then admitted,  his viewer ratings went up Monday by 36%, and this continued on Tuesday. Go figure the intelligence level of the American public. And the true objectivity and responsibility level of the American media.

The importance of this minor flap to corseting and waist training, you ask? Easy to answer. If the media prefers to focus on extremist stories and sensationalism that obviously sells to unthinking recipients, don’t you feel media may or will tend to do so the same when it comes to the controversial corset and the common prejudice or stereotype that corsets hurt, are antiquated, and anti-feminist? Please don’t trust everything you read, is our bottom line.

On another entirely different matter, a long time friend and artistic designed of our current website, Lydia, pointed out the following regarding ribs:  “We all know that guys don’t have one fewer ribs that gals, but until a couple of days ago, I was unaware that a significant fraction of the population (of the order of 8% in some sources I’ve seen) actually do have a different number of ribs, even if not because of The Fall From Grace!  Here’s one reference with quite a few details and even a bunch of x-rays.:”

The only gender difference I’ve noted over my past 20 years in the corset business (yes, 20 on January 7, 2010!) personally measuring most likely over 5,000 folks (with another 5,000 as long-distance clients), is that men have a shorter vertical distance between the lowest palpable rib and the top of the pelvis, making the hourglass or was- figure silhouette the most comfortable–but not the most artistic or desirable–to wear because it provides plenty of room and sculpts out over the ribs. The ice cream cone silhouette tends to press inward on the ribs as it descends straight down from underarm to waist. Take a look at our graphics on these silhouettes and you’ll see what I mean:

Silhouette differs from corset style, so be sure you understand the difference when you shop:

I’m happy to help you sort this all through to ensure that you have the level of comfort, fit, and longevity in the corset you order from ROMANTASY. After all, client education is our first commitment. In exchange however, we’ll ask only that you do a little homework to research and gather the facts we point to on our website, then  gather your thoughts and communicate accurately and upfront, not dragging out our email back and forth to 20 or 30 emails as some clients do. The latter situation makes it far too easy for your order to become garbled in the translation and for us to lose the thread of our conversation and analysis. When you want to order any corset, you’ll be rewarded if you take a bit longer, don’t rush the process, then patiently wait for corset perfection as your skilled corsetiere works her or his magic! Remember the old adage: don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!

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