How does corset waist training really work? Does it burn fat cells or redistribute them?

Waist-training doesn’t ‘burn fat’ and there’s no evidence that it moves fat cells around…yet. Apparently Kim Kardashian’s favored corset company for purchasing her stretchy nippers, was sued recently and settled out of court for making false claims such as the above.

Chapter 3 in our new book-in-progress (due out this fall), Corset Waist Training: A primer on easy, fun and fashionable waist reduction, posits the below reasons that waist training works:

o You eat less
o You feel full sooner and hunger dissipates
o You take your time when eating and make better food choices
o You enjoy better posture and remember how to stand up straight
o You’re motivated
o You feel better about yourself, which translates
into improved self-care

Those aren’t exaggerated claims, and they are supported by the feedback of 25 coaching program students over the past 15 years.

It’s important to do business with experienced businesses who know of what they speak, and who don’t oversell their product or the results. We’re still scratching our heads about how any garment made with stretch latex or rubber can serve as a comfortable, disguisable waist-training corset that can be worn the long hours required eventually (up to 10 or more) underneath clothing in the stealth mode, to achieve waist reduction? Certainly they can cause you to sweat more in the gym, but what about controlling appetite after your workout is concluded and you get ravenous? What about one hour later when the body and belly relax? How do you teach body memory to hold the belly in and stand up straight an entire day, with one or two hours of stretch nipper wear?

It’s long been our perspective that OTR off-the-rack and stretchy garments (usually with an unattractive “U” silhouette on the side rather than the torso-conforming hourglass or wasp silhouette)  just won’t work well or that fast or that comfortably, to use a latex garment or short waspie and expect to make permanent change in our figures and/or weight (those two are different things; you don’t need to lose weight to lose waistline inches!).

If you have limited financial resources, we advise you to think carefully before running out to purchase a cheaper OTR “corset”. For waist training you have to be in this for the long run, not the short dash to the finish line. You need a garment that will be comfortable, that will last, and that will be worth your initial investment rather than a waste, err…”waist” of your money and time. That garment will be custom made for you and worth the time and attention you put in to designing it and finding the right corset maker for you!