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Surgeries and sillyness…

I often muse on the curious nature of present-day society and the direction it seems to be going: “want it yesterday–throw it away tomorrow.” To me it seems to be a mindless pell-mell rush into technology for the sake of technology, and away from old-fashioned values of compassion, patience, and steadfastness (and then there is honesty, respect, and love). Part of the rush into expensive and risky belly surgeries so popular today to “fix” obesity comes from that attitude of living the unexamined, but popular, life. Many seem loath to put in the minor effort it takes to change their figure and health; and despite massive public education on the matter, America (and the world) just keeps getting fatter and fatter.

I was interested to see Queen Latifah emerge as the most recent “star” television spokesperson for Jenny Craig weight loss program. I remember some years ago as she became a star, protestations about how she loved being the size she was and embraced it, implying that she had no intention of changing. Now she seems to have re-thought her position. It makes me wonder if her doctor told her about some new risk to her health and well-being from her weight?  Or she finally paid attention to the public health information bombarding us? I also remember a man about 300 pounds? sitting on and crushing my sofa while he purchased a corset for his wife, and saying, “Oh I don’t need a corset or brace…I’ve never been healthier and have no physical problems at all.” I was shocked! Did he not see the risk to his health, whether or not he ever had had a heart attack? Apparently not…

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t find full-figures unattractive. In fact, I think they are particularly suitable to looking gorgeous when a corset enhances natural curves (and I saw so clearly on my full-figure web page!). But I do know about unimpeachable research that shows that men with waistlines of 40″ and up, and women with waistlines of 35″ and up,  are seriously at risk of heart and other problems and much more so than smaller waistline folks. Just today on tv’s “Good Morning America” (Feb. 14) I heard a report that obesity leads to liver disease…not surprising. According to more and more medical research and opinion, obesity seems to increase the risk of, if not cause, more and more diseases and serious health problems.

 So back to the issue of why more folks rush into surgery for the “quick fix” rather than invest a mere average of $400 more or less, in a well-fitting, made-to-measure custom corset, put it on and immediately reduce the waistline by 2-3″ and feel and look great (with better fitting clothing to boot), then wear it six days per week at a comfortable level, tightening only when the corset is about forgotten during wearing, and extending hours of wear as it goes? Amazing results can happen in only a few short months, and our experience at ROMANTASY proves it–and for all body shapes and sizes, and all genders, too!

Yet most folks won’t invest $400 and 3-4 months to achieve amazing results, improving their lifestyle and nutrition in the process. As far as I can tell, it’s more “living the unexamined life,” and a rather pure example of laziness (C.C. Nims comments quite succinctly on that point earlier). There’s a lot to be said for holding tight — and lacing tight — to old-fashion values, plus putting forth a little effort on one’s own behalf. Perhaps as those who rush into risky surgeries age, they will begin (as I believe I have) to respect themselves and their health a bit more, resist giving in to temptations to “super size”, exercise some patience and put in some effort to live out long and healthy lives.

After all, to me, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much to help you truly enjoy being alive.

 Happy Valentine’s Day to all! May you live patiently,  long–and well!

Ann Grogan, President, ROMANTASY

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