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The Pleasure Principle and Corset Waist Training

PLEASURE VS. PAIN – I often say that one should never corset waist train into pain. To the point of pain, yes. Into discomfort, yes. Into serious discomfort? Sometimes yes, depending on where you are along the continuum of training and corseting experience.

How do you judge that1.5 weeks.2 BEST? I ask my coaching students such as Barbra, seen here and now into her third week of training, to use and report to me on a Discomfort Scale of 1 to 10. That way we can adjust her overall program as indicated. The  “1” represents “piece of cake I could dance all night,” and the  “10” represents “the Big O,”  or — “Get Me Outta Here and I Mean NOW!”  I like students to remain at about a 5 to 7  on that scale when they think about their just-completed day of training.

Her first week of corseting was reported to be only a “2” or “3” on the scale, and that tipped me off that something was not quite right with her program. Come to find out she was measuring over the corset at the level I wrote down on her program (correct) then loosening up one more inch (incorrect). Basically she had had very little waist restriction at all for that first week, due to some miscommunication between us. Once we corrected that matter, off she went snugly laced down as intended, but only a suitable initial 1.5″ inches. This time it was an actual 1.5″ reduction, as she should have been. Today I’ll check on her number on that subjective scale, and adjust her training program again if need be.

A “training program” should  include three basic elements:  (1) wearing the corset and building up gradually to long consistent hours of wear six days a week, (2) corset-friendly nutrition and eating practices, and of course, (3) waist-targeted exercises.

FRONTP~1When it comes to exercise, I’ve heard it all from my students who generally grumble  or complain with the most negative of attitudes like that represented by our “exercise gremlins” seen left. A number of them anticipate pain before they enter a dedicated waist-training program for some months, but it’s quite to the contrary.

Pleasure seems to me to be a key principle to grasp and pursue if you seriously waist train to lose weight and/or re-shape your figure. Getting your mind wrapped around that point may be critical to your success. It’s a hard nut to crack, but an imperative element to boost your waist-training progress forward. And it doesn’t just end or begin with your normal hour workout at the gym. It has to be waist-targeted. How to get more of that kind of exercise,  when to get it, and what to do is often a topic of discussion with my students.

Regarding my Discomfort Scale and regarding exercise or any of the three elements of waist training, I have often said in the past, “don’t push yourself into the pain zone.” My main reason has always been that proper corseting is a precious, privileged practice, and a pleasure both physical, fashionable, and psychological  — and it should remain that way!You should nearly always look forward to lacing on your corset for the day’s period of wear, as well as look forward to your exercise period and some delicious, top quality snacks and modest meals as you train.

If you push your way into serious pain on any of the elements, pain beyond what your ego or motivation can tolerate, you risk associating pain with your corset — and that will never do.

Such an experience may linger in your mind and body, and work to dissuade you from joyfully approaching your corset and your next training day.  The negative idea or memory may allow you to find excuses to avoid this or that day’s exercise period, or just take one more day off a week from your corset wearing, or just eat one more slice of birthday cake — after all, it’s your birthday today, right?  Goals go out of the window and all of a sudden there is a reason to quit.

Even regarding exercise–the most dubiously “pleasurable” element of waist training–pleasure remains paramount as you design this element of your program and pursue it. I read my Dr. Oz column in the San Francisco Examiner, “Stick with pleasure when it comes to exercise,” and I now remain convinced!

Dr. Oz says that enjoyment, fun and happiness are top reasons regular exercises stick with it. A University of New Hampshire study recently found that people who remembers something pleasant about a past exercise session worked out 20 to 60 percent more often than folks who remember the negatives.

Bingo! I rest my case.

Dr. Oz suggests walking is the easiest way to get exercise and one more often associated with pleasure, but so is dancing, Zumba, walking with your dog (dog owners are 20 percent less likely to be obese than on-dog owners), playing outside, hula-hooping, gardening, jogging with a friend, visiting the arboretum and walking around examining the flowers…find something — and stick with it!

One example I added to my book “Corset Magic: How to Trim Your Waist and Figure”, was discovered one day I was sitting at my computer. Periodically I blow up my exercise ball and replace my chair with the ball at my computer. It trains my core, says my physical therapist, and I find it to position me sitting in a position that is very relaxing for my weak lower back.

That day I had put on my Aretha album and then came on her inimitable “Respect” song. Automatically I started bouncing up and down on my ball and by the end of the song when I stopped, I was breathless and my heart was racing! Wow, that had been so easy that I was stunned. These days I will often use the same technique and motivation to get moving and get  my blood churning in some good old-fashioned aerobic exercise .

Another idea? Just turn on Pharrell Williams “Happy” song from the Disney movie “Despicable Me II”. I dare you to sit still without at least tapping your foot. But don’t hold back — “Get up offa’ that thang” as James Brown says (another songster hero of mine) and start moving to the cut, and there you have it with a day’s aerobic exercise!

Better yet, check out this 24-hour YouTube video of Pharrell’s amazing song and watch for a few minutes as ordinary folk let the music hit their soul and their body follows:

That one song has inspired more movement and happiness to come into my life recently than I’ve allowed for a few years, and more’s the better!

Parrell’s song motivated me to ask my partner to compose a “Happy Tape” for me and I choose the top 15 songs that have always made me smile and automatically  “get up offa my thang.” So most mornings I start out with my cup of coffee, have breakfast, then start my tape fed thru my computer, and off I go dancing around the house for a few minutes to a few cuts. Even a few minutes is better than one, says Dr. Oz, and me, and it usually adds up to four or five cuts of shaking my bootie with KC and the Sunshine Band (and yes, that’s one of the cuts!).

So far so good: the neighbors haven’t yet asked me to turn the volume  down…

Any good, creative and unique ideas out there about how to get moving or target those obliques, to boost your corset training forward?


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