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The Role of Hunger

Two days ago (Jan. 14) TV-hostess Oprah (back on her weight-loss mission once more) said that she had heard a diet guru recommend that she should just learn to tolerate hunger. “No Way!” she exclaimed–or something to that effect. One could tell that Oprah loves to eat!! Which set me to thinking about the perfect way that wearing corsets (or belts) address hunger, hunger being one of two things that tends to defeat our attempts to diet, according to some physicians. (The other is stress, as you might imagine).

Corsets provide external stomach banding. Banding prohibits that organ from stretching up to 10 times its at-rest size as it truly can when we stuff it with food and drink (amazing that!). While corseting during meals or snacks (and not reaching around to loosen the ribbons), our capacity to hold food drops dramatically (mechanical portion control) and allows over a very short time, even days, our hunger to diminish and our tummy to shrink.

Several of my waist-training students confirm this beneficial result from their dedicated waist training, or simply by wearing corsets from time to time. Do you have any experience or comments to add?


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As the proprietress of ROMANTASY, I’m happy through the recent encouragement and assistance of my many corset-enthusiast business advisers and friends, to be posting my very first comment on my brand new blog launched January 9, just a few days past my 18th year anniversary in business!

Please note that this blog is limited to discussions about health-first waist-training. I hope to answer your questions and learn about your experiences and advice for the many of us who adore top notch corsets!


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