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A New Year: Are We All Dieting Yet? How to Deal with Restaurant Temptations

Pundits say that at the start of a New Year most of us are thinking about waistlines and weight, and set on reducing both. But for how long? Dealing with food temptations and breaking old habits provide substantial challenges. For those who do want a healthier lifestyle with or without weight loss or figure reshaping, and for those into corset waist-training, eating out is problematic. In fact, during my coaching program, I urge students NOT to eat out at all and to simply avoid restaurant temptations.

I’m always seeking tips and techniques to help my waist-training coaching students, like the lady seen above, showing remarkable progress and loss of 5.5″ waistline inches after 12 weeks of training. (see,

I’d love to hear from you and come up with a comprehensive list of helpful hints. If you submit a new tip not already included in my Corset Magic training book (see,,

or not listed below, I’d be happy to mail you a hand-made, unique embellished corset magnet for your refrigerator door, to remind you to shut that  door when you want to overindulge! See,

Consider these wise tips, and choose restaurants well during your waist training, avoiding or limiting visits to Chinese and steak houses in particular (too much fat used in the cooking techniques or food item). A nutritionist on Good Morning America on January 3, 2011 suggested:

– be the first in your group to order; lock in your choice and don’t be tempted by what others order–and don’t change your mind.
– start with soup or salad to take the edge off your appetite.
– split portions with your dining companion, or ask the waiter  bring one half already packed in a doggie bag along with your entree.
– order meat grilled or baked, never fried.
– wear a special bracelet on your eating hand, to remind you to eat slowly, chew well and finish your meal last, not first among your companions.
– order red sauce, not white, at Italian restaurants
– order warm whole wheat tortillas to eat with salsa, not calorie-rich chips.

The only technique the nutritionist mentioned with which I cannot abide, is to  “take three polite bites of dessert then set your fork down–permanently!” It’s a good idea, but with my sweet tooth, it’s also an impossibility.

I suggest a better strategy is to wait 15 minutes before ordering dessert (the waiters always come before your last bite is taken to get your dessert order), try instead a cup of cappucino with cinnamon sprinkled on top, or split the dessert. Splitting the dessert works even better when you split with a tableful of folks, not just one other, so that each of you only gets three “polite bites!”

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