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Caution in what you read these days!

I’m reminded to urge caution in what you read on the web these days. A few days ago I received this email from a potential client:

“I ordered a corset recently on XYZ corset website. It was made of latex on the outside and (I think) cotton on the inside.  I saw bruises on my skin on day. I wore the corset for about 3 weeks before I gave up- it was just too painful. I never had any experience with a corset prior to purchasing this one and was extremely disapointed that I had to stop wearing the corset for fear of injury. I am generally in good health. I do think it cut off circulation on my skin as the skin on my stomach skin turned white, and I am of a brown complexion.t was extremely tight and hot and I was instructed to wear it 24 hours a day.”

I visited the website mentioned by the writer and was concerned to see that no medical person was affiliated with this site that used the word “orthopedic” in its title. The instructions to wear the corset 24 hrs a day in order to lose weight, is particularly irresponsible for an uninitiated client, and most curious in view of possible company liability. It is sad that some people seeking corsetry and weight loss thru corset waist training today, tend to believe what they read and follow instructions before investigating the qualifications and experience of those giving those instructions.

I am now advising this client about the proper way to season a corset, the benefits of custom corsetry, the detriments of training in latex corsetry, and the possible dangers of going to fast and wearing the corset “24 hrs a day” from ‘day one.’ Part of the ‘bad rap’ in corsetry can be attributed to irresponsible corset purveyors and web advisers like the one my client encountered in her first corset ordering experience.

I suspect that there is more of a tendency these days to buy low and enter corsetry with blind hope. The economy provides a serious challenge to most of us, yet many want to improve health, posture and shape and try waist training. Out of desperation they purchase “eye candy” in corsetry that just won’t work for purposes of moving flesh around and putting enormous pressure on the garment itself (up to 60-90 lbs of pressure in the midriff area if laced down 4 inches).

I was appalled recently to be solicited to purchase wholesale and re-sell corsetry from China, made in leather and costing from $40 to 60…cute styles for sure, but of course paper-thin laminated leathers that will surely crack or wear out sooner rather than later.  Still, for costume and club wear a few times  these were admittedly adorable!

But it pains me to see these websites proliferating, taking jobs away from true craftspeople like the corsetieres on our Romantasy team. We hope folks will keep brains engaged when they go corset shopping, check out the experience and wisdom of the advice-givers,  ‘buy American’ in this economy, and support quality. We’re here to help explain what you get when you invest at Romantasy, and what is a suitable ‘waist training’ corset.!

For real beginners, check out our new Basic Line of Corsetry introduced in early November, 2010 at the incredible full custom price of about $150-170 for underbust styles. These can be used for waist training of course, but may wear out quite a bit sooner than we like, so we hesitate to sell them for that purpose! We refuse in general to give you unrealistic expectations. We also refuse to purvey inferior standard and imported corsets, so our new Basic Line is our hopefully intelligent reply to remain competitive in the corset world.

Let us know your thoughts about the new line, and if we can help you place an order:

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