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Plate Colors and Portion Size – a New Piece of Information!

Amazing this — the color of your plate can affect the amount you eat! Today on GMA Dr. Besser revealed a study that people tend to fill up red or gold plates with more food than if a white plate is used. The example was tomato based sauce on pasta (red) tended to disappear on red plates and the person put more on the plate than those people using a white plate. The best plate color choice? Apparently white! Glad to know that, because I just purchased a new set of daily plates that stack — all in white!


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I just had to run no walk, to post this, just found by someone who must be the most remarkable writer in the Internet blogosphere:

You don’t have to be the best in history to be above average. But most things that are worth doing (being an entrepreneur, amassing a good amount of money as a result) have a very steep learning curve and then it flattens out. So maybe 1000 hours gets you better than most people (above average) and then the next 2000-5000 hours gets you the be the best in your circle of colleagues (i.e. good enough to make a great living at it) and then from 5000-10,000 hours is the subtle refinements that are needed to be the best in the world.

Now how the heck does that relate to corset waist-training? Because it relates to quality, patience, and reasonable effort — the three foundations for what is needed in a suitable corset and successful waist-training, and because it relates to happiness in life!

Quality corset-making requires that the maker put in time, period, in practicing his or her art and craft. Period. There is no short cut. That’s why say that until a corset maker has made 100 of one style of corset, they are not even close to being good at their craft. Period. Maybe it should be more like 1000?

I’ve seen it in the young corsetieres who join the Romantasy team: within one year of receiving more orders than in their private practice, assuming they don’t have a readymade “attitude” that they already know it all, they improve more than 100 percent. More than, patterning ability, corset fit, comfort, artistic beauty, and durability of their corsets.

That’s why you need to know precisely WHO is making your corset. Don’t buy a corset from a website whose “About Us” page doesn’t contain a photo of the owner and each corsetiere, or the one who will make your corset. Don’t buy a corset if you can’t find out the precise experience level of your corsetiere and about how many corsets (of your style) they have made. Don’t buy a corset if you can’t talk to one or two clients who have worn a corset made by that corsetiere, or until you have read sufficient comments about the quality — and business values — of your corsetiere that you are 95% certain you are talking to someone who knows what they are talking about, and cares about you and your satisfaction.  Certainly comments posted on my website and others will be positive. But don’t take for truth comments posted on so-called “more objective” sites such as the BBB or Yelp. Did you know both organizations actually post positive comments on top about that business,  if the business pays them a required monthly fee? Plus in my experience, Yelp was so aggressive in trying to get me to join, that on their fifth marketing tele call (and three times after I told them unequivocally never to darken my telephone door again!) I had to threaten a law suit and reporting them to the FDA, in order to get them to stop hustling me?   Reprehensible!

As they say, “buyer beware,” and I do hope you will check out the fabulous philosophy and practice words of advice applicable to many aspect of life, in the musings of blogger L. Altusher:


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