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Certain Waist Sizes Spell Trouble

Just was reminded yesterday March 27 on “Good Morning America” during the medial report of the research that says that women with waistlines over 35″ and men over 40″ are in danger not only of things we know about such as hypertension, strokes and heart attacks, but also of dementia, according to new research just out!

It’s the deep fat, or visceral fat, that is to blame for our health ills, and a wide waistline is the best sign of too much of that kind of fat.  That fat surrounds the organs such as the heart and liver, while subcutaneous fat lives just under the surface of the skin. Apparently it doesn’t matter your overall height, weight, or shape, just the waistline measurement. have you checked yours lately? So why aren’t corsets and corset waist-training more popular? Diets are clearly not working.

And did you hear Barbara Walters on The View yesterday lamenting the fact that the US is the most educated nation in the world on the risks and dangers of obesity, yet we keep getting fatter. In my Kaiser doctor’s office waiting room yesterday, I read that 2 out of 3 of us are now obese. Education is clearly not the key. What do you think it is?


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The Benefit of Organized Weight Loss Programs

Hi Sarah,

I do agree with you that often the organized weight-loss programs do work, just like gastric banding or bypass surgeries do work well for some. In fact, a few of the tips I offer as motivation and advice for snacking well and heathily, are credited in my Corset Magic book to Weight Watchers, a “points” program that seems well-founded to me as does their overall approach as I understand it to be (one friend has used it to maintain her wieght, or get back to it when she slips, for years). And Marcia, one of my favorite full-figure tight-lacing corset models had tummy bypass years ago to  save her life, quite literally (she had serious health problems in part from genetics, in part from lifestyle). So we are not in disagreement at all, nor on your point that whatever works to keep one staying healthy must be a top priority requiring followthu and consistency — not that we all don’t fail from time to time in human kind of potato-chip-fetish kind of ways! Gathering all the common sense kind of support systems one can find, and using them together for one’s benefit is sound. I consider Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystems to be organized support systems as much as they are nutritional-advice programs — but certainly they are not akin to the “crash” or specialized kind of “diets” I do not believe in!

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The Benefit of Organized Weight Loss Programs

Couldn’t agree with Roger’s comments (about expanding into weight watcher’s programs for their endorsement) more! Now to find a minute or two to call Jenny Craig… Would that I could get my waist-training book carried by them! But the “medical” and related professions eschew any talk of “corsetry”. Has to be “medical” and horribly fitting, don’t you know? We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic client who is a chiropractor in SoCal promoting my Sleep Corset. She may soon put me in touch with her lipo surgeon and we have on the books to expand our marketing to those contacts and others as well. Keep the comments coming and thanks for participating!

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You Get What You Pay For — And Sometimes You Don’t!

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR — AND THEN SOMETIMES YOU DON’T! (A blog on healthy waist-training; please comment!)!

That’s a saying I often use when discussing quality and corsetry one sees almost everywhere these days in media images, readymade shops, and on the Internet.  I want to express my continued dismay and disappointment at the questionable (at best) quality of corsetry flooding the market on eBay and MySpace by new “wannabe” corsetieres, as well as those “readymades” from Pakistan and Thailand.  I’ve seen quite a few of both types and at $150 to $200 (non custom made), what can I say? You do get what you pay for — which is not much of anything except eye candy if viewed from a distance.  Up close, those corsets are often not even that.

Today I was reviewing the MySpace blog of a young lady who applied to join the ROMANTASY team two years ago.  Now, I am very particular as to quality and fit, thus require applicants to submit corsets to examine, plus make at least two for me to test personally, since I have rather dramatic curves to fit and do tight lace from time to time.  At $210 this lady was selling an overbust silk corset but not custom made! Just as I so often do, I looked up close and personal at her online photos and saw what I saw two years ago when she sent me corsets to examine: wrinkling (fabric tending to pull to the center of the corset) and uneven top or bottom edges (pattern pieces don’t meet).  So often one will also see wobbly grommeting and stitch lines, loosely-woven lightweight silks and satins, and loose bone casings, among other things indicating poor seamstress skills and lack of quality suitable for waist training and durability over time.

We just launched a new line of corsetry called our “Fundamental Line” designed to meet the budget constraints of corset novices and student corset enthusiasts.  Check it out here:  With a qualified young corsetiere Jill Hoverman on our team, we are now able to offer the Civil War overbust in silk at $305 —  fully custom! More importantly, Jill’s corsets meet the traditional high quality standards for tight-lacing and durability and artistry that I require my corsetry to meet before I offer them to clientele!  Plus, Jill’s underbust, fully custom Victorian in cotton twill is only $195!! How and where can you beat it today? 

Even better news from ROMANTASY, Sharon McCoy Morgan (our senior corsetiere from Birmingham) just moved her cute little “Bella” corset underbust style over to the Fundamental Line, selling in cotton twill or duck at $260 only — fully custom.  This is a fabulous little waist training corset and one we hope folks will be running to order and add to their corset wardrobe.

You may ask what difference wrinkling at the waistline makes to quality?  A lot.  Wrinkles in fabric as you tight lace a corset tend to wrinkle the skin.  Wrinkled skin tends to trap moisture from body prespiration, even if you wear the corset over our CorPro tube top, or a slip to wick it away, or talcum the skin first.  Moisture tends to lead to itching (not the most pleasant feeling especially in hot climates and over hours of wear), and itching can lead eventually to skin breakdown known in it’s severe form as decubiti (think bed sores).  True, the fashion corset-wearer won’t likely get much more than occasional itching, but this blog is devoted to waist training, and that assumes longer continuous wear of a corset which raises the body temperature, leads to sweating, and requires some care be taken to protect the skin.

Those who surf eBay and MySpace may certainly (and sadly) get caught up in the eyecandy corsetry out there.  But I imagine and continue to hope that as their corsetry education continues and corset sophistication matures, they will eventually find ROMANTASY and move up to real tight-lacing quality!


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The Power of Cold Potatoes

Just read my March issue of Prevention Magazine (my favorite popular health-focused magazine) on page 84, to find something entirely new about resistant starch, a kind of fiber called the “new power nutrient” — and those potatoes we love to love (and beans and grains, too)! Being of Irish and German heritage you can imagine how much I love to eat potatoes, white, yellow, orange, gold and you name it! Of course we all know that sweet potatoes have the higest fiber content and are the best choice for those int0 serious daily waist training for exactly that reason (helps that food past right along and out as soon as it can).

 So here’s the scoop — but not of mashed potatoes, please. The potato has to be chilled, not hot (try potato salad, but skip the mayo and use yogurt and mustard or vinegar dressing).

Resistant fiber comes about when the foods above are cooled.  It gets its name because it “resists” digestion in the body. What apparently makes it different from other types of fiber that also resist digestion is that this kind has “powerful impact on weight loss and overall health by improving blood sugar control, boosting immunity, and may even reduce your cancer risk.”

 Just thought you ought to know! Anyone else have any up-to-date new nutrition news or weight-control tips?

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Risky Business, Surgery

Hello Dear Lara,

How nice to hear from you and get your blog post responding to my discussion of risky belly surgeries in place of old-fashioned and fashionable corseting and waist training! I’m fairly new at blogging and I’m often making mistakes editing and writing, but I’ll soon get the hang of it! You see, I’m a high-touch kinda person and not very high tech, otherwise known as a bit of a computer-phobe! Recently however, I’ve been learning to post my own shopping cart products and changes, all for the better I hope, so do take a look at our two new lines of corsets there, the Fundamental Line and the Classic Line — both especially well priced and hopefully, answering the challenges that we all face in today’s declining economy.

It was interesting to learn (again) that you are in computers and still agree with me about risky surgeries decided without sufficient forethought. I do have a good friend and corset model who had tummy bypass and it worked for her to bring down a very lethal high blood pressure; so sometimes surgery is the proper option. My problem is that surgery is too often the first, rather than one of the last, option pursued.

It’s a matter of common sense I think, to carefully evaluate both the pros and cons of any new trend, product, or health approach, and to also balance technology with art, science, and spirit. It’s more daunting these days at ROMANTASY than at anytime in the past, when this “want-it-now” type person who might easily pursue surgical remedies, also pursues high quality corsetry at cheap prices. Not only is that possible, it just isn’t fair for the highly talented and hard-working corsetieres on our team and elsewhere, honing their skills and applying their design abilities to contribute true art-for-wear to the world, skills which we should respect and be willing to pay a fair price for (usually at minimum wages, if truth be told!) and products we should revere and appreciate, as you have apparently been doing with your corset. I’m happy to hear about that, glad you saw us on the TV, and also happy to entertain your design ideas for a new corset style, or when you wish to try a new corsetiere on our expanding ROMANTASY team! 

Allabest,  Ann

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