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Visualizing Increments of “Down”–an effective waist-training technique

I’m always looking for new techniques and to understand what existing techniques make waist-training work. Recently for both Lee, one of my two present waist-training coaching students, and for myself, I’ve begun to use the “visualizing a range of weight” down from my present weight, to see if it keeps me moving in the right direction — down. I think it does!

Three weeks ago I set Lee’s visualization goal as to stay in the “115s” weight range. At the time she weighed 116.5. What she and I wanted to see was a weekly or bi-weekly weigh-in that consistently stayed somewhere in the 115-pound range. It seems that she has reached that goal, and so today, I set her next goal as the 113s. She has two more weeks of her formal initial three-month coaching program in order to reach 111 from an initial weight of 121. After that she decided to continue for another month to cement her progress and then switch to a tighter, new corset in the comfy wasp silhouette about to be constructed for her by our corsetiere Sheri Jurnecka.

Lee has also adopted and successfully adapted our waist-training coaching technique of long continuous hours of corseting six days per week gradually going down in restriction by 1/2″ increments. Today she reports that she wore her corset at 23.5″ or an actual under-corset measurement of 22.5″ down from her snug natural waistline of 26.25″, a 3.5″ reduction, and for three hours.

Instead of taking it off at that point, since she had then met the contract plan, she opened the corset up 1/2″ more and wore it another 10 hours. In other words, she is “bouncing” down for as long as is tolerable in order to meet her plan, then not taking it off but continuing her progress with a more gentle do-able restriction by loosening it up just a wee bit. The body will normally feel that as definite relief and will obey in tolerating the lesser corset restriction for a good number more of hours as Lee has experienced.

There is something wonderfully satisfying about meeting a set goal and the psychological pleasure acts to enhance our commitment to a process that works, where we can see, and measure results.Lina at eight weeks - Lee's progress notes

Speaking of seeing results, pictures are another technique that makes waist-training work. Be sure and take accurate front, side and back pictures both before you begin, half way thru, and at the end of waist training. (Note that it is very difficult to render images taken over time with exactly the same perspective, but there are visible if somewhat subtle changes pictured here for Lee  after eight weeks. Remember that for already-slim people like Lee, changes that improve the figure shape will not be dramatic although posture almost invariably improves quite distinctly).

Pictures can be incredibly motivating and can help you survive those days when your body rebels and you want out of that corset–“The Big O” I have labeled it, or “The Big Get Me OuttaThisContraption!” It happens to all of us at one time or another, but it’s not lethal. When Lee reaches a level 8 on her comfort/discomfort scale of 1 to 10 (10 equals true pain) she then opens up the corset and goes for more hours as the slightly looser level. I gave Lee this scale concept to use to communicate her feelings to me in a rational way, and to help her become more conscious of her body’s messages so she could manage corseting proceedures better on her end.

Lee is now down 5.5 lbs and 1.25″ in her waist from her start of waist training–no mean feat because Lee had already lost down from over 150 lbs. a year ago to her starting weight of 121 lbs. when we began her training. She is a tiny lady to begin with and already in good shape, just wanting to tone and tighten her figure and improve her posture to get to her “fighting” weight where she feels best and most energetic about life. She has set reasonable goals, demonstrated a rational, thoughtful approach over a year to weight loss and figure-shaping, and thus has a sterling chance of achieving success in corset waist-training to boost forward her progress.


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NEW DOC ‘GETS IT’ ABOUT HOW CORSETS WORK! But he hasn’t a clue about why it works and what a short time it takes to see results, like weeks and months.before and after.2 for gif

A New Jersey cosmetic surgeon is quoted in a Sept. 21 Seattle Times article: “I think there’s something to it (corset waist training),” he said. “It does actually work, because you are losing water weight. It’s like getting a body wrap. The problem is, the results are really short-lived.” But, (Steven) Davis also pointed out that there could be some muscular benefits from waist training on a regular basis.

“You are training your core to get stronger,” Davis explained, likening it to how experts instruct you to hold your stomach in while doing plank exercises. “A lot of people wear things like that, because you are training your transverse abdominis muscles to stay in that position.”

Davis continued, “I think that there probably is some validity to the whole process. But I don’t know how long it would take for that to happen.”

We wrote to Dr. Davis immediately to tell him that for our 25 or so students we have coached in our 3-month program since 1995, a remarkable 20 years of experience — we have seen remarkable results occur. Those include from a 50 lb/5″ waistline loss to a 34 lb/6.5″ waistline loss!

The point is NOT how rapid the results are, nor “does corset waist training work”. Most of us know it works even if some of us waited for “the word” from on high from Ms. Kardashian….

The point is: can you get right with your thinking process, and decide you value YOU and a svelte, healthy figure and lifestyle better than chocolate and Krispy Kremes –so that a few habit changes you will have to make will last the rest of your lifetime?

That kind of meaningful success takes more than one corset, one visit to the gym, one bariatric surgery (which costs about $20,000 by the way), or one tummy lipo (which doesn’t even sculpt out the waistline and costs about $6000-10,000 by the way).before and after for gif

At ROMANTASY we are now concentrating on providing more support to our students and clients,  now have a one-month Tune Up program (Heather is now tuning up with her new training Belt) and invite you to join our new private and confidential blog for more meaningful discussions on corset waist training and health in general, plus provide support for others based on your own experience. Just send us email and we’ll make you an author!

The  two clients pictured on this page waist trained following the principles detailed in our 300-page training manual: Corset Magic (still the only comprehensive ‘how to’ book on the topic since 2003, updated in 2015, order online). The process works no matter you body size of shape, where you begin, sex, age or gender — if you work it and go about it in a common sense way with an eye toward the future so you can maintain your success.


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A Sample Maintenance Plan

April training student 2015Our current waist-training coaching program student has added one week to her three-month program, so we’ll be taking her concluding photos end of this week. I can’t wait! Pictured here are her beginning photos taken on April 18. Note the back of her corset is open about five inches (and she was at this time laced down three inches already). Her goal was to close it down completely and wear it for 1o to 12 hrs. rather comfortably.

In the meantime I think her proposed Maintenance Plan could be of help to others so I am posting it below. Her training buddy suggested that she add one week per month for cutting back a bit on calories, to keep her weight going down until she reaches her weight goal. Originally she had wanted to lose 20 lbs, but lost 11.5 so far. We’ll have her final weigh-in this weekend. I think this idea is sound.

She is now within 1″ of completely closing her training corset down to a 27″ (over corset) measurement! In this extra week of training, she is attempting to go beyond 27.5″ for 4 hrs and reach down to 27″ for at least some time. It will be amazing to see this corset closed in back!

Overall her Plan seems simple and thus, do-able to me. I hope it is helpful to those of you who wonder about how to keep tiyr new figure over time and how to make waist training truly “permanent”!




  • To maintain a healthy weight for my body and not allow myself to keep gaining as my metabolism slows down with age
  • To continue to use the corset as a reminder of portion size and using my core muscles constantly

  • Weekdays and Weekends: at least 7 hours of sleep, ideally 8.

Corset Training

  • Maintenance: Wear corset 12-18 hours a week – 2-3 days a week of 6 hours a wearing
  • I will continue to try to wear my training corset to sleep in for the required hours: have not done this successfully
  • I have not been able to fully close the corset. I will continue to gradually tighten the corset during my maintenance routine until comfortably fully closed.


  • Weigh-in: daily ideally but at least weekly. I think I will stick with Saturday mornings.
  • Snacks/small meals every 3-4 hours
  • Stick with oatmeal or high fiber/high protein cereal for breakfast.
  • Fruit and veggies every day
  • Continue to research high protein vegetarian foods
  • Continue to mostly avoid dessert as I haven’t missed it much. Allow myself to indulge in small portion occasionally
  • Alcohol: 1 glass two to three times weekly. No more than that.


  • Ab setting exercises multiple times daily
  • Three times weekly classes at gym: Spinning, Body Pump, Zumba. Try some new classes.
  • Continue regular outside exercise: hiking

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“I can’t breathe — I can’t move in a corset!” – -Balderdash!

I found the most bizarre article mid-January about corsetry. It was published online by an author and blogger who seems to fancy herself a ‘creative writer’ and quasi-corset-sociopsychologist.  I might or might not set it forth for your consideration later.

Suffice it to say that the article was generally full of balderdash and poppycockery to the max, plus perhaps worse for those of us who still use and respect the English language and clear writing, replete with nonsensical sentences. One point the uninformed author made about corsets was that they rendered the body inflexible and immobile to the max.

Take a peek at this photo that my webmistress found on a former ROMANTASY webpage, taken at a fashion show held at my original boutique in San Francisco. I sponsored the event about 1997 or 1998, before I closed my retail venture. In it you will see a body contortionist who attended, wearing my own 1901 True Grace 1901 corset in blue satin with lace overlay. (Don’t panic:  she is discretely clad, more than you may think, wearing a net top and a solid G-string below the corset!) She is sitting on the stage with admiring corseted models including our corsetiere Sheri Jurnecka in the center, looking on. This lady amazed me with her bending and twisting performance and agility, proving beyond doubt that night the fallacious nature of our misinformed author’s statements as well as disproving many common prejudices against the corset.

I’ve been boogying the night away on several occasions tightly corseted, as have other corset enthusiast informants. My GF Robby (seen in the photo left wearing a green skirt and black BR Creations corset) wears a white cotton BR underbust corset for back support when she plays golf. Some informants from Europe told me they even ride bikes for 20 or more miles while tightly laced.

I’d be curious to hear from you if you have exercised in a corset, or done more corseted than just walk around like rigid zombies that some folk imagine us corset enthusiasts to be!


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Mass-marketed “flex belt” is FDA approved — and costs $199 not custom!

Just back from a biz conference in Atlanta, to find a new “quick fix’ to the obesity problem. Now it’s a “Flex Belt” apparently FDA-approved and priced at “only” $199 (we can provide custom starting at $165) — not custom of course, not steel-boned, and not a corset. You can check it out here:

The Belt works by shocking your muscles — automatically toning and reducing them, I suppose. It’s been touted in various national magazines who have yet to get on board with corset waist training, and how effective and simple that is, requiring only a bit of effort and focus. But we continue to want ‘mommie belt’ or ‘daddie surgery’ to do it all for us. I can’t help but wonder how healthy it is to subject our muscles to electrical shocks on a regular basis. Anyone care to speculate?

Our current waist training student Cat, reported in yesterday upon beginning her 10th week of training. I measured her up and she has dropped 3 1/4″ off her waistline and 16 pounds in nine weeks. She has three more weeks to train in her 12-week program, and our San Francisco (Fairmont Hotel) Nov. 22 Corset Soiree graduation party to look forward to.

I hope you can join us and meet Cat, an inspiration for sure, although her way has not always been easy, primarily because she becomes overly demanding on herself in terms of expected progress, when in reality her progress has been substantial. We try to help our students focus on just doing their best whether or not they see immediate results, keeping focused on the goal, consistency in following the program, and a positive attitude — and we’ve seen the results. You will, too, if you decide to try waist training. ROMANTASY is accepting applications now, for our formal coaching program:

starting in January, so send in those applications and inquiries since it takes a few weeks to prepare the questionnaires and preliminary steps prior to starting the program. Don’t try to train over the holidays; the challenges are too much for most of us and it’s important to give yourself the best possible start and chance to succeed in attaining reasonable goals that you set for yourself. Can afford the time or fees to join our formal coaching program? No problem. We can help work out a daily wearing, nutrition, and/or exercise plan for you, if you already have your training corset.  Check out our new consultation programs here, and happy and healthy waist training!

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As the proprietress of ROMANTASY, I’m happy through the recent encouragement and assistance of my many corset-enthusiast business advisers and friends, to be posting my very first comment on my brand new blog launched January 9, just a few days past my 18th year anniversary in business!

Please note that this blog is limited to discussions about health-first waist-training. I hope to answer your questions and learn about your experiences and advice for the many of us who adore top notch corsets!


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