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“Accountabilibuddy” – new term coined by November Project (free fitness exercise project)

LOVE THE NEW WORD — “ACCOUNTABILIBUDDY”! Same as our emphasis on getting a “Waist-Training Buddy”!Ashlee before and after profile collage ROMANTASY

Today on Good Morning America (ABC TV news show) I saw interviewed the two chaps from the November Project (TM): “is a FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months”. There’s a book out since April explaining the concept. From the short blurb this morning, I heard the word “accountability buddy” — the same concept of our Waist-Training Buddy. I watched a few of the exercises you can do for free around your city but a good number seem a bit vigorous; it’s clear you must be in great shape to do a lot of them, so be careful!

For some of us just getting back into exercising, it will require first building up strength, balance, and of course, flexibility. If you have creaky knees, limited range of motion, shoulder impingement or other, you’ll have to self- monitor and not push yourself quite as hard as others may be able to do in this program, or other exercise programs you join. Even yoga as I discovered six months ago! I just can’t twist my left knee out of alignment with my leg, or it tweaks from a prior case of bursitis.  No yoga teacher can be expected to know your personal weaknesses, so you have to step into his or her role and protect yourself.

I just completed writing my chapter in my new  book in progress, Corset Waist Training: A Primer on Easy, Fun and Fashionable Waist Reduction, on exercise. (There’s still a few free copies of this book! Just send us email for yours: inquiry@romantasy.com). I make the point that what I suggest as warm up, cool down, back strengthening, or waist targeted exercises, have to be tailored to fit your needs. But just because you can’t get down to the floor, doesn’t mean you can’t do some standing waist-targeted exercising every day or every other day, to help tighten the oblique muscles and shrink your waistline!

Back to “Accountabilibuddy”…in the maintenance chapter of my primer book, I address the imperative of setting up a support system to maintain the waistline you work so hard to achieve during a three-month waist-training program, or longer. I have not seen any of my students maintain substantial progress they make, (one losing 5″ waistline inches and another losing 6.5” waistline inches) without some kind of real-time or online support. Pictured here is Ashely who achieved remarkable posture improvement from her exercises during her coaching program, altho she only lost 9 lbs. Weight is not the issue; it’s posture and waistline measurements that count for more and are more related to health in the long run as well as a sense of well-being.

A support system can include occasional or regular email with a health-conscious and supportive friend, wearing your corset out to show off once a week, corseting at home or stealthing to work every other day, following a corset-related or health related social media group online, joining a gym or other program to work on corset strength (aka “core strength”), and attending to clean eating and not too much of that and joining with others to maintain that discipline.

It takes some discipline, but not much overall. The discipline was enduring when you got thru your initial program. If you have done that and reached some or all of your initial goals, pat yourself on the back!

Aside from a support group to help you maintain your success, continue to self-congratulate as you deserve it, and more! Admire yourself in the mirror, bask in the notations of your friends in how tiny  your waist looks (and smile sweetly and mysteriously if you are stealthing that day!), and stick to your maintenance plan. Don’t give up and don’t backslide — but if you do, make a quick re-calibration and move back down. Don’t let it get out of hand — or out of corset as some do!!!

Most of my students have maintained their original loss or added on only a few pounds or half=inch or two, and you can do that, too! I’m here to support you, or you can enroll in my One Month Tune Up Plan if you need my support. Good luck, and go for accountability and support!



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