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“Accountabilibuddy” – new term coined by November Project (free fitness exercise project)

LOVE THE NEW WORD — “ACCOUNTABILIBUDDY”! Same as our emphasis on getting a “Waist-Training Buddy”!Ashlee before and after profile collage ROMANTASY

Today on Good Morning America (ABC TV news show) I saw interviewed the two chaps from the November Project (TM): “is a FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months”. There’s a book out since April explaining the concept. From the short blurb this morning, I heard the word “accountability buddy” — the same concept of our Waist-Training Buddy. I watched a few of the exercises you can do for free around your city but a good number seem a bit vigorous; it’s clear you must be in great shape to do a lot of them, so be careful!

For some of us just getting back into exercising, it will require first building up strength, balance, and of course, flexibility. If you have creaky knees, limited range of motion, shoulder impingement or other, you’ll have to self- monitor and not push yourself quite as hard as others may be able to do in this program, or other exercise programs you join. Even yoga as I discovered six months ago! I just can’t twist my left knee out of alignment with my leg, or it tweaks from a prior case of bursitis.  No yoga teacher can be expected to know your personal weaknesses, so you have to step into his or her role and protect yourself.

I just completed writing my chapter in my new  book in progress, Corset Waist Training: A Primer on Easy, Fun and Fashionable Waist Reduction, on exercise. (There’s still a few free copies of this book! Just send us email for yours: inquiry@romantasy.com). I make the point that what I suggest as warm up, cool down, back strengthening, or waist targeted exercises, have to be tailored to fit your needs. But just because you can’t get down to the floor, doesn’t mean you can’t do some standing waist-targeted exercising every day or every other day, to help tighten the oblique muscles and shrink your waistline!

Back to “Accountabilibuddy”…in the maintenance chapter of my primer book, I address the imperative of setting up a support system to maintain the waistline you work so hard to achieve during a three-month waist-training program, or longer. I have not seen any of my students maintain substantial progress they make, (one losing 5″ waistline inches and another losing 6.5” waistline inches) without some kind of real-time or online support. Pictured here is Ashely who achieved remarkable posture improvement from her exercises during her coaching program, altho she only lost 9 lbs. Weight is not the issue; it’s posture and waistline measurements that count for more and are more related to health in the long run as well as a sense of well-being.

A support system can include occasional or regular email with a health-conscious and supportive friend, wearing your corset out to show off once a week, corseting at home or stealthing to work every other day, following a corset-related or health related social media group online, joining a gym or other program to work on corset strength (aka “core strength”), and attending to clean eating and not too much of that and joining with others to maintain that discipline.

It takes some discipline, but not much overall. The discipline was enduring when you got thru your initial program. If you have done that and reached some or all of your initial goals, pat yourself on the back!

Aside from a support group to help you maintain your success, continue to self-congratulate as you deserve it, and more! Admire yourself in the mirror, bask in the notations of your friends in how tiny  your waist looks (and smile sweetly and mysteriously if you are stealthing that day!), and stick to your maintenance plan. Don’t give up and don’t backslide — but if you do, make a quick re-calibration and move back down. Don’t let it get out of hand — or out of corset as some do!!!

Most of my students have maintained their original loss or added on only a few pounds or half=inch or two, and you can do that, too! I’m here to support you, or you can enroll in my One Month Tune Up Plan if you need my support. Good luck, and go for accountability and support!



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I Don’t Want to Hear It Anymore: “I don’t have TIME to shop, eat well, cook, waist train (you name it!)”

“The Lies Busy People Tell Themselves” said it all to me: we waste a lot of time worrying that we “don” have time” to do what we know we must: primarily take care of ourselves, and then take care of our families and loved ones–or corset waist train! I’ll never say that again after readying Laura Vanderkams’s article in the NYT Style section this Sunday! I recommend it to you.

The writer did a lot of time-keeping on herself and checked with others. She found she, and they, had a lot of time to do things she valued, despite being a very busy mother and professional. So …

Why do we lie to ourselves about not having enough time to do the things we find important in life and value?

           o    She says it’s because negative experiences (of being stressed out, late for an important project, working 90 hrs per week occasionally) stick in our minds. The good times are easily forgotten .

          o    We all like to see ourselves as hard working, not laggards. Thus, we tend to believe and repeat to others, that we are “over worked” and out of time.

         o   Professionals tend to overestimate the hours spent on work.

          o   We choose a high number of hours to say we’ve worked (and think we have) to justify our periodic stressed-out state and feeling, which is not all the time no matter what we imagine.

It’s not an unchangeable foible of us human beings. We can acknowledge this tendency now we know about it — and choose not to feel guilty that we “may” be neglecting our families, our health, and things that make life worth living! Most likely we are not and most likely we can find a little time. There’s no more excuse that you “don’t have time to corset waist train” and don’t have time on Sunday to shop for veggies and fruits and healthy light meats and “don’t have time to cook and prepare big pot of soup or lean roast and grilled veggies” which will last a few days during your busy work week.

You clearly DO HAVE TIME. If you value and have set corset waist training as a major priority in your life — and if you are focused on  improving your health first, your figure second, and your waistline size third (forget about dieting and the BMI or weight!), you have no supporter in me.

But you have a great supporter for moving forward in common sense ways toward health. I’ll encourage you to the max to try this fun and fascinating step toward health first: corset waist training.  Nearly everyone can do it!Snatch's corset

Chablis with plaqueCorsets are not just for Hollywood starlets who have just had a baby and want their figures back, and not just for social media stars who have impossibly curvy in-shape bodies already. Corsets and waist training are for us local, normal folks of any age and stage of life, any waistline size even up to 60″ waistlines and above, men, women, transwomen, lesbians, portly businessmen, classy socialites, club kids (as they say in England), Goth and steampunk devotees, tattoo artists, entertainers, drag queens, cross dressers and more–those of us who want to live long and prosper!

Here on the right is our drag queen corset client Snatch, from a few years back. Lovely white satin Victorian corset! She be styling on stage for sure! Left is our long-time lovely female impersonater/model and corseted client Chablis, looking fine. Check out Cheryl Shepard (crossdresser) modeling her BR Creations brown brocade classic hourglass corset for ROMANTASY, making a lovely hourgalss shape. Note Ms. Ana, our superb body builder tatooed corset lover from Arizona, in a dripping-lace black 1901 corset by True Grace (a treasure and non-duplicatable now since Mr. Garrod has passed)–she’s our adviser on all things physical and exercise in her realm.FCM - Men  Cheryl in BR05100

Burlesque cincherHere’s our Goth girl in a corset by Sheri, and young fetish model Somi Vichi in a leather corset by Sharon for ROMANTASY.  And below is Brian, one of our favorite men models in his amazingly tight-laced hot pink silk  corset by Sheri, one that has lasted him since 2005 for routine almost daily tight-lacing altho it’s about on its last leg now, some 11 years later. Talk about quality!Chinese silk Underbust by SheriCorsets and waist training are for anyone who has patience, and respect for the talents required by competent corsetmakers to create durable, comfortable, structured garments that will hold up to 60 to 90 pounds of waistline pressure and not rip, bend over, squench up, push up, dig in, wrinkle, and otherwise self-destruct in a few months of wear.

At ROMANTASY Somi BOB.3we welcome everyone! We’ll give you great advice on how to choose between real options we offer in terms of figure silhouettes created, corset styles, corsetmakers on our team of three, fabric and design options and more. It’s simple to order.

And we operate in old fashioned, personalized way. Give me a call: 415 587-3863 from 9 am to 6 pm PST and leave a message if I don’t pick up the phone. Consider ROMANTASY’s awesome 26 years plus experience comparing and contrasting various corsets, field testing each one, and educating about the differences. Opt for education first if you aren’t quite sure, and send me email: inquiry@romantasy.com for my personal attention!






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