Isn’t it funny how we have the answers we need, but often don’t listen?

I had to laugh to read my latest AARP The Magazine and the last feature on Henry Winkler who is now 72. He was asked “the worst thing about aging?” and he responded, “Convincing my knees to straighten after a long sit.”

This parroted almost the same thing a good friend told me recently, about a struggle with a new back issue he was having. He said something to the effect, “Boy, I find I just can’t sit and watch tv so long any more, or my back hurts!”

Well, duh!!!! to both my friend and Henry Winkler.

How come I can see, but neither of these men can see, that the solution to avoid creakiness and back issues, is simply NOT TO SIT FOR SUCH A LONG TIME?

Just because our bodies and tolerances change (both mental and physical) with age, does not excuse us from being conscious of what is going on! We have to look for answers to our aches and pains, our disappointments and health issues, our blue moods and crankiness. The answer is nearly always there, just below the surface of our self-delusion or the oblivion that may envelop us.

Being aware of our bodies is a task that is harder for men than women, in my experience. Perhaps these two men are like the majority, and don’t like to face up to change or  matters that signify a possibly diminishing physicality. It won’t make them the lesser to become more conscious, and it could make them a lot more rational and better at taking care of themselves over the coming years!

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