July pill hits market to cause waistline inch loss — only one inch in six months????

Interesting article on DuPont’s pill, Howaru Shape. The weight-loss product is mainly a probiotic, but DuPont also provides a combo of probiotic and fiber. Apparently the probiotic along caused one inch waistline loss in six? months in the research group. I don’t want to mislead anyone and have not read other than a brief summary of the research;  there are obviously other details in the study. Note that one research group taking the dual-time pill lost over 4% in body fat and one waistline inch loss plus added muscle, so there are beneficial results to be sure.

But, what’s of interest is this:

Here’s our lovely Kiska pictured. She completed our formal corset waist training (three months of coaching) in early May. These show before and after pictures not altered in any way, one set corseted and one set natural. You can note that by the end of the three months Kiska could rather easily close the training corset and wear it up to 10 hrs a day.

Here’s another picture of her before and after posture without the corset. Amazing, no?

Importantly, Kiska dropped over two inches and 10 lbs in her waistline in three months–which leads me to ask:

Can’t DuPont’s pills do any better than one waistline inch loss in six months?

Hmmmmm……I’m wondering what six months of DuPont’s pills cost?

Our coaching program is $400 (plus another $100 is taken on deposit but returned to you if you successfully complete the full coaching program. If you do not for any reason, then we donate $100 to our battered women’s shelter, La Casa de las Madres. How the coaching program works is accurately described on our website.

I’ve occasionally read questions online as to why anyone would “need” a coach for waist training? Some do not and some do.

To be sure, there is a lot of information out there these days online by corset makers, many quite reputable and knowledgeable about corsets. Some have hundreds of clients, but none to my knowledge have formally coached 30 or more students since 1998 when we took on our first student (a man from London, P.H.)

In addition, there is a lot of sharing of information by those with little experience, and experience counts for a lot to help the newbie not waste time by re-inventing the training wheels, or panicking at any little twinge or tweak while corseting.

The more you know — the easier the go in corset waist training!




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2 responses to “July pill hits market to cause waistline inch loss — only one inch in six months????

  1. Most of the time women always want to look fashionable and sexy and they also need an hourglass sexy figure. This is an informative and educational article for me and also some women who face some different type of problem to their body. Most of the time women use waist trainer to solve their waistline problem. I don’t it is right or wrong for our body. Have you any suggestion to solve my confusion? I have some information about this here: https://waistlab.com/

    • Hi Rubel, Thanks for reading our blog about DuPont’s new pill with very modest results! I don’t much like pills however, when we can use more moderate means with fewer side effects that medicine, when it comes to figure shaping–so long as we are in generally good health and go about corset waist training using common sense and moderation. I’m of a mind that corsets are not for every body if one is not interested in that method of fashionable and fun figure shaping. After all women’s liberation means and incorporates the freedom to choose how we wish to look and feel and present ourselves, right? I’ve seen corset training work for many different shapes and sizes of clients, both men and women. But the key point is, after achieving some goals, one must keep up a bit of maintenance corseting and stick to better eating habiuts and food choices, plus moderate waist targeted exercises to cement the progress — otherwise we all will yo yo right back up. There’s no pat answer I can give you as to whether corset training will help you reach your goals or not, because I don’t know your background, genetics, lifestyle, what elements of waist training you will adopt, how long you will train, and if you are in generally good health and suitable motivated. It’s a complex question deserving of more research and thought. You’re welcome to email me more details at inquiry@romantasy.com and of course, I would recommend my more detailed 2016 online book on the topic (only 14.95 order online). All best!

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