Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

Today I read yet another study that confirms that sleep is good for us:

LONDON – Getting one extra hour of sleep each night might shave a third of an inch off your waist and a couple of pounds off the number on the bathroom scale, a recent study suggests.

Not only BMI (body mass index) but also waist circumference, can change with eight plus hours of sleep:

The longest sleepers also had waist circumferences averaging 1.6 inches smaller than the shortest sleepers. Each extra hour of sleep was tied to a third of an inch difference in waist size and 0.46 of a BMI point, the study team reports.

That’s why I have a section in my “how to” waist train book, that recommends 8 hrs or sleep! Yes, corset wear, nutrition changes (a few) and specific exercises are also highly recommended, but so is sleep. Please consider this information and new study carefully if you are set on a disciplined corset waist-training program!



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