Success by one student in working the corset waist-training process!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the last day of a three-month dedicated corset waist-training effort by my coaching program student, Ms. K.

I am exceedingly proud of her perseverance despite her grave doubts that she could “toe the line”, lace the corset on, and give up a few guilty pleasures that had likely added on a few pounds she decided she wanted to drop. And yes, I heard a bit of mild complaining along the way, especially when I asked her to forgoe her guilty pleasure of milk chocolate! She subbed in 70 percent dark chocolate and found it not too too tough to do. She doubted she could give up chips — but after reading The Dorito Effect (highly recommended reading!), I think she gave up and gave in to the author’s and my point that this manufactured food as well as most processed foods, contain additives that are truly not good for us or our figure-shaping efforts.

Here are Ms. K’s concluding stats:

Waist line inch loss from 34.5 to 32.25, a 2.25″ loss
Ribs from 37.5 to 37.25, a 1/4″ loss
Derriere from 40.5 to 38.5, a 2″ loss
Weight from 184 to 171 lbs, a 13 lb loss

Compare these stats to her initial goals of:

Weight loss goal:  lose from 190 lbs (by the time she started training, on Feb 7 she was, by herself, down to 184, not 190) to 180; she lost to 171!
Waistline inch loss goal: lose from 34.5″ to 32.5″ or two inches, thus, she reached her goal plus 1/4″ more!

As for her written evaluation the following 10 items were rank ordered in terms of importance in reaching her goals:

  1. Regular exercise
  2.  Contact with Coach
  3. Changing eating habits: manner of eating and food choices
  4.  Specific exercise routine
  5. Cutting way back or out fried foods,, sugars and fats
  6. Monday reports to Coach
  7. Increasing water and juices (NB cut with 1/2 water)
  8. Cutting back portions
  9. Small presents from Coach
  10. Tiny increments of tighter and longer corset wear every three days; going slowly.

The process works — if you work it!  I’ll be back soon to post Ms. K’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures … and I can’t wait to see the results!




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