You’re in good company: “corsets are making a comeback” — yet they never left us since 1989!

I’m often asked, “can I wear my corset outside my dress?”, and how do I do that?

You can wear a corset and showcase it in any way that you like to dress! I just made a  collage of only a few of our thousands of ROMANTASY clients since 1990 who have chosen to showcase their corset. You can see hundreds more by clicking on our 27 theme galleries at under “Galleries” at the top! Consider just wearing a cute top with jeans and tossing on a custom cincher! Or how about a “hot look” with a corset over leather pants?

Remember: even if you are only ordering and wearing a corset for waist training, and even if it is a simple underbust style vs. a glam overbust style, you too, can showcase your corset.

The more ways you find to wear your training corset — the better your investment will pay off over time (not to mention, the more comfy your corset will become when worn!)

I was surprised and motivated to prepare this collage, by a web article saying that it’s difficult to “style a corset,” not to mention that once more (every few months it seems), “corsets are making a comeback.”

Actually, since about 1989 thanks to Madonna and Gaultier–they never went away!

When you purchase a custom corset–you support this comeback and cement it as a dressing option, so that we don’t ever again lose this wonderful crafting ability of our custom corsetieres! Even now some are leaving their trade and years of experience are disappearing. Why? Read on….

We recommend you skip those imported “wannabe” “OTC” or readymade cheap corsets sadly flooding the world and US marketplace (eye candy at best), and go for the Gold Standard: fully custom made.

Custom corsets are not that expensive considering — the years and years of very comfy wear and the pounds of pressure you want your investment to endure when lacing down with regular wear! In fact fully custom corsets are de rigueur for waist training purposes. We don’t want you to be penny wise and pound foolish.

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