How to jazz up boring food–check out online Savory Spice Shop!

My present waist-training student Ms. K, has a big challenge on her hands regarding food.

First, she doesn’t eat a lot to begin with, nor is she beset with hunger pangs for the most part — so weight loss is not her goal for corset training. Shaping her waistline more in the hourglass manner is her goal Thus, the moderate to small amount of  food she normally eats, needs to count.

Second, for several reasons, she has limited time that is available to shop, stand, and cook. Food choices and dishes have to be made fast, or she has to rely on her partner to carry out her better nutrition plan for her corset training period. Lately she is considering participating in amazon’s home delivery fresh food program, just $15 per month plus Prime membership of $99 a year. That seems like one perfect solution for her.

Third, Ms. K reports being bored by food. Imagine that! How can that be, what with the wealth of fresh fruits and veggies that California enjoys year round not to mention beef, poultry, fresh fish, pork and eggs, organic or not, that are available in the stores, especially in urban areas like San Francisco–and from Safeway to Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Everyone is getting on the organic free-range band wagon, and more’s the better to my mind.

Fourth, she loves donuts and Doritos. Who among us doesn’t? Gratefully I have calmed those desires down by getting her to read The Dorito Effect! It’s an amazing,highly recommended book that will put you off eating flavored anything, esp. chips and dips. Eating natural foods is best of all, grilling and not frying, and of course, portion control (not Ms. K’s challenge, as said).

I found one solution for “boring” that I hope she will soon try!

Two weekends ago my partner and I enjoyed a leisurely long weekend away in Sonoma, a lovely small touristy town an hour from San Francisco. It’s a town that thrives on history, touristing, wine tasting, and shopping. One of the hotel guests where we stayed, recommended that we walk across the street next to Whole Foods (which is one block from the square) and visit the Savory Spice Shop. She raved about their Truffle Salt, so we decided to follow her recommendations.

We were stunned!

There you can both smell and sample each bottle of freshly ground single and mixed spices before you purchase. You can buy two sizes of bottles, but we opted for the larger, normal size you get for McCormicks at Safeway et al., and walked away with five new spices I had never tried before in my life. Sadly, there are not many of these retail stores, and none in San Francisco, but of course they are online!

We must have spent an hour smelling both familiar and mysterious spices. There are for example, at least five different cinnamons to enjoy and I still don’t know which is my favorite. No more huge bottles of generic Costco “cinnamon” for us!

They grind and mix each spice fresh each week. I used two of the ones we purchased, put a perfect sear on fresh salmon (Gordon Ramsey would be proud!) and made the best salmon ever last night, and a few days ago, made the best round pot roast. I use one spice on my scrambled egg in the morning for more flavor and am making a buffalo meatloaf using a few of the new spices for this evening’s dinner.

I never knew how wonderful fresh spices make foods taste, even “boring” steamed veggies or grilled veggies or pot roasts! Wow. Check them out!

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