Waist circumference – a special danger to older women

coverMockupsharpenednoquote_heather_v002Just found this article reporting on research by a Professor Chen at the U. of Arizona:

“For the study, Chen and her colleagues reviewed data on nearly 162,000 women aged 50 to 79 who took part in the Woman’s Health Initiative, a major study on postmenopausal women by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. At the start of the study, the researchers measured the height, weight and waist size of all the participants and recorded other lifestyle data. During 11 years of follow-up, more than 18,000 women died. The researchers found that being overweight or slightly obese didn’t affect life span. Class II or class III obesity increased the odds of early death by around 10 percent. Higher waist circumference was consistently tied to higher death rates during the study.”

Gaining weight as we age is not necessarily a bad thing, and a bit of it “might be helpful”. However, gaining too much or losing too much for that matter, are both things of concern. But an expanding waistline is the key danger signal that indicates that some nutritional habit change in three items — food choice, portions consumed, and how we eat — is advisable.

Corset waist training, or even casual but somewhat regular or periodic wear of a well-fitting, comfy custom corset, can help us maintain good posture, control the quantity of food we can comfortably consume and eventually change our portion preferences and diminish or even disappear, hunger (one of the two main causes of failure of diets; the other is stress).

We love to coach students for three months in our program of support. Nothing is off limits, options are opened up as to better food choices, some insight work is available, and long-term email/phone support is happily offered after the program is complete.

Starting in January, I have been coaching one of my BFFs and she doing the same for me. We check in  every two to four days, have set concrete three-month goals (some related to physical health/strength, some related to food, and even some related to improving our personal relationships). The regular contact makes us accountable to each other, and keeps us in touch with a good friend whose opinion and support we have valued for over 25 years. It’s a win-win situation and after two months, we each note that we are developing a healthier routine, and looking forward to our brief email chats.

Do you need a formal coach as Romantasy offers? Not really —  as shown above.

But you do need accurate, fact-based, and detailed information on bodily functions, minimum qualities for a comfy custom training corset, specific exercises that boost your progress, and many other items (reviewed by professionals in each field), then it’s likely contained in my Corset Waist Training primer book. The book is in pdf format and available online (published Dec. 2016)  and we think it can help.

We’re always happy to entertain questions via email as well.


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