cuddly-christmas-2016Despite all the “buzz” out there about “waist training” popularized by social media icons such as Kim Kardashian, there is almost an equal amount of negative press I see about corsets every day on my Google Alert feed.

Most of this negative press equates per se moving some body organs around with a corset with damage to the body. Other comments from corset-doubting doctors quoted in the articles seem not based on actual clinical experience, or are based on one example only. In addition, we never read how many corseting clients those doctors have actually treated.

Mere movement of organs by corseting — as most of us know, is a false “danger” to begin with, when you consider how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy.

The other point of negativity I read these days, is that corset waist training doesn’t work.

It does work–if you work it, and go about the process in a moderate, common-sense and dedicated way for a remarkabley short period of weeks or months.

And by “dedicated” I do NOT mean corseting 23 hrs a day, suffering, starving yourself, or military exercising!

Here’s a summary below of HOW waist training works from my new book Corset Waist Training, a primer on easy, fun and fashionable waistline reduction ($14.95 online pdf file).

Effective waist training isn’t magic and it doesn’t take a humongous effort (but yes, some effort is required!). It doesn’t take years to accomplish better posture, a tighter belly, and a reduced waistline.

We’re now accepting coaching student applications for our three-month Waist-Training Coaching Program so please inquire if you are interested! We can provide you a sterling training corset, or you can train in one you have already purchased.

With all best wishes for a warm, cuddly, corseted Holiday Season and Bright New Year!



1. You eat less. Long-term continual pressure on your waistline restricts the amount of food that you can comfortably eat during a meal.

2. You feel full faster and hunger dissipates. Corseting minimizes the stretch of your stomach. Hunger pangs diminish and can disappear.

3. You take your time when eating and make better food choices. In order to avoid an uncomfortable sensation, heartburn, or nausea, you slow down and take smaller bites. You chew each bite longer and more thoroughly. You choose less fatty foods which are easier to digest.

4. You enjoy better posture. Corseting teaches you to stand up straight, hold your belly in, and remember how to do so when you remove the corset.

5. You’re motivated. You know the process has worked for others, and you anticipate it will work for you. You set reasonable goals and maintain an optimistic, positive outlook that moves you forward.

6. You feel better about yourself, which translates into improved self-care.


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