The Individual Nutrition Plan – and Corset Waist Training

Ran across this article from the Tech Insider on July 13, 2016, on how nutrition science and approach is turning to the individualized diet and away from one particular diet. However,

“While Barrington’s results are intriguing, they should be interpreted cautiously. This study hasn’t been published in a journal yet, which means it has not been peer-reviewed. And it was done in laboratory mice, which are biologically different from people, and whose lives are significantly simpler.

“That means that even if a popular diet has failed you and this study seems to offer a tantalizing explanation as to why, we can’t actually apply these results directly to humans yet. But if further studies corroborate the findings, we can expect a future in which no one will be able to insist that their favored diet works for everyone, every time — if only you stick to it.”

Five different diets were tried on mice, and all five groups did least well on the “American 2008 diet” of high sugar and high fat. Are we surprised?

The reason posited for the emphasis on individualized nutrition, is that our individual genes predispose us to do well on different nutritional plans. It’s the same in corset waist training as a process of reshaping your figure and if you want it. As we know, reducing your weight which is not connected lock-step to waistline inch loss.

While I can predict certain waistline inch loss and weight loss results in my 3-month coaching program students, usually evident half way thru the program at 1.5 months, sometimes I am surprised without any reason being evident. Each student can comply with the daily corset wearing plan, nutrition changes, and waist-targeted exercise plan I request them to pursue, yet reach, or not reach, the precise initial goals they initially set.

But the real question is, is that a “failure” or is that a “success.” It depends on how you define those terms.

What things are key to ‘success’ in corset waist training? I learned them by looking carefully at who succeeds in both my opinion and the student’s opnion,  and who has failed in the three month coaching program at ROMANTASY.

          First, setting reasonable goals based on an honest survey of one’s genetic history and past successes or failures in dieting and figure shaping is required.  How did those come about and what helped or hindered? My recently-graduated student Ms. T., set reasonable goals that were short of what I actually felt she could accomplish. They included being able to wear her corset as a foundation garment to improve her over all figure and compliment her rockabily outfits and vintage professional ensembles she preferred to wear for her public appearances as a model and author. Her goals also included being comfortable for long hours of corset wear, and improving her overall posture. My next step is to evaluate her final evaluation form just submitted, to discover how she felt about her accomplishments, and I’ll next report the results here.

3B-parents plate          Second, setting up a program or strategy to defeat negative influences is key to waist-training success. For some students that negative influence is chocolate; for others it is avoiding family celebrations with cakes, buffets, and encouragement to “eat more.” Heather is a good example of that, as she lives in the South with an extended family who presses rich and tempting Southern food on her at all family get-togethers and celebrations. Cultural “pushes” are also key; my Chinese parents-in-law tend to over indulge at family get-togethers and yummie Chinese buffets they prefer–and if I don’t maintain close control of my inclinations, so do I!

Yet others have to learn to deal with inevitable and stressful work deadlines. One lawyer waist-training student faced a financial filing deadline at the S.E.C., for a project she was lead on.  She stopped communicating with me and dropped out of the program two weeks short of completion, eventually telling me that this was “my typical way of burying myself and cutting off connection to everyone including my family, during such a deadline.” The disappointing fact is that she never returned to complete her final two weeks, tho I offered it as an extension. When she asked a month later to enroll in another month’s extension of coaching (she would pay for it) to which I was agreeable, she then never completed the final requirements of her first three month program she had dropped out of. I saw the writing on the wall; expressions of desire are not equivalent to actions that prove desire. I did not accept the month re-enrollment, explained my reasoning to her, and pointed out that by now she well understood the techniques of training and could implement them herself, using her own excellent self-discipline in most circumstances, to get back on track and lose the few extra pounds she wanted to drop at the time she quit her initial program.

          Third, being willing to be flexible and adjust your program and goals during training, as you take weekly measurements/weight and record feelings and physical sensations reactions in a journal, is critical. Nearly every student whom I have coached has done this. Some have to get over a hint of “shame” in having to veer one way or the other off original goals, but it is unwise to remain rigid during training, and smart to make adjustments that keep the process comfortable, challenging, and fun.

          Fourth, being willing to experiment is key.  Sometimes I don’t have the precise answer to offer, nor will your experienced corset maker. This became evident during Ms. T’s program once half way thru, her right rib started to become uncomfy after three hours of a 2.5″ reduction in her corset, even when wearing her well-seasoned wasp-silhouetted training corset by Sheri (perhaps the easiest to waist-train with). Rather than bear up and increase her discomfort, we adjusted her program to loosen back up to 2″ reduction and extend her hours to 10 or more per day, after putting in two hours at the originally scheduled 2.5″ reduction. Ms. T was satisfied with that decision, and so was I, since consistent wearing of the corset for long hours results in longer-term results in waist training that dramatic short-term reduction.

Understanding the above four keys before you begin waist training, will take you a long way toward success in corset waist training and, most likely, in other matters and challenges in life!



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