Re-shaping your figure does not mean you have to lose weight!

I’m sometimes asked, how is it that you can lose waistline inches but not much weight? Here’s one example of a Canadian women who did just that in three months–exactly the minimum time I recommend that you pursue corset waist training. She did not use corsets but a strict exercise and nutrition regime to go from 200 to 150 lbs in two years, and to build muscle in the process. But, the pictures show that in three months of preparation for figure training, she completely transformed her fat-to-muscle ratio yet did not lose much weight in that time frame. These are excellent visuals for corset waist trainees who don’t want to lose much, if any weight, yet need to trim off a bit from the sides of their waistline to create more of an hourglass figure silhouette.

Her amazing pictures show the results of dedicated efforts.

It’s a point I address in my book–in-progress, A Primer on Easy, Fun and Fashionable Waist Reduction. (there are still a few FREE books left in our pre-sale offer: just send email and your contact information and email for our mailing list).

You can change your waist measurement, but not lose much weight. For me, that has been the most puzzling of all questions about waist training. Dr. X., one of my primary medical consultants over the years and a distinguished retired medical examiner and present forensic expert, helped me to find the answer: “The body, when given a chance with a decent diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements, tries to lose fat and add muscle. Volume for volume, muscle is heavier than fat, so size can decrease while weight increases slightly. (It’s easier to remember which is heavier, because oil and fat float on water.)

“Since you encourage waist-targeted exercise and good dietary habits, it should be no surprise that some of the slimmer candidates for waist training do not lose weight as they anticipated, or gain slightly. What they’ve done is decrease their fat and increase muscle, so that weight doesn’t change much, or perhaps increases a shade. However, they feel better and are healthier. With a little pressure on the waist from a corset to help things along, they look better and slimmer, and are pleased with the results. That is why someone could train for three months or more and lose very little weight but still lose waistline inches.”

Matt Sheehy, a Kaiser Hospital physical therapist whom I discuss later in my book in Chapter 7, concurs. He says that “Since muscle weighs more than fat, mass for mass, you can therefore gain a little or maintain your present weight, exercise and lose fat while you develop muscle, yet look slimmer than ever and lose actual inches off your waistline.”

That’s why I don’t recommend focusing on weight loss but on your waist measurement. A bit of weight will likely come off even if you are already eating clean, along with waist-targeted exercises and routine corset wear six days a week according to our “roller coaster method.” But if you keep your caloric intake about the same, your weight will stay about the same, unless you add substantially to your exercise routine. All we ask of our students is that they add first 20 min the first onth, then 30 the second then 40 min the third month, of waist-targeted exercises, along with whatever other program they are doing. Or, they may opt just to do the above, and most likely, they will still have success if reading moderate and realistic goals including improving their energy level, posture and sense of well being!



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