Careers are built on certain recommendations, such as bariatric surgery — or even corsets!

mivajillubvamyToday I read a so-true statement by Dr. Mercola regarding why the new British National Obesity study is receiving so much resistance, regarding their finding that low fat diets don’t work:

“Careers are invested in certain recommendations.”

The same argument could be applied to any business, including ROMANTASY. That argument tends to minimize the importance of the information or product that is commercially promoted and sold. But is that necessarily so?

Not really.

What is necessary is that the consumer do a bit more research on their own behalf so that they do not pass by the perfect business — for them!

Consumers need to determine the long-term reputation and quality of information or product offered for sale–and not fall back on simplistic and unjustified non-thinking. Nor should consumers rely on the BBB or Yelp or other reviews where top positive ones are moved to the top when the business pays, and pays, and pays for the reviews, or when they appear canned and written by shills as found on some review websites.

Despite any business owner’s best efforts to responsibly provide free value in blogs, websites, articles, email replies, and other, it’s always possible to too readily suspect that a business is “just out for profit.” To which I am tempted to respond: “and who among us is born with a silver spoon in their mouths?”

Nearly all of us have to make a living. Some of us truly enjoy what we do to make that living, and for better or worse, we focus more on the non-monetary results such as providing valuable information and seeing out clients light up with pleasure and have success, than say, ‘The Donald,’ might be inclined to focus on? (Our lovely client Juno, is pictured wearing her first underbust Victorian corset by Jill Hoverman for ROMANTASY)

Others of us who strive to be reputable for many continuous, long years in business and who make a living by coaching and educating about corset waist training, and who provide good quality custom  training corsets at a fair price, promote that approach and that kind of work and results—but not at the expense of other effective alternatives that we don’t provide, alternatives that also correct and address obesity with all its attendant health risks.

While I might point out the undeniable difficulty and expense in pursuing bariatric surgery to shrink the waistline, I have never said that surgery is not one effective alternative to reduce one’s waistline and weight, especially for those at the upper end of obesity, and I point to the amazing results that this surgery alleviates diabetes entirely. That’s a highly beneficial result and one that I cannot claim results from corset waist training (‘tho I suspect it could also be true).

Yet I have read about or seen on TV time and again, surgeons who have information about the effectiveness of corset waist training, yet who ignore custom corsetry as another effective — and fun — method of controlling the waistline. They focus on extreme cases of unhealthy folks to begin with. One plastic surgeon focused on oxegynation of food for effective metabolism, and raised the specter of failure of that process just by the corset restricting somewhat the breath! How did she address or explain the years and years when corsets were safely and sanely (vs. going too far too fast in lacing down) worn by all manner of women from various classes and backgrounds such as during Victorian times? She failed to mention it.

Worse yet, a number of doctors  affirmatively diss corsetry and focus solely on rare cases where corsets may be harmful. To my view point that insults the intelligence of the audience. Do they truly believe that audience members are so stupid that we don’t know that if we have hypertension, or stomach upset, or serious breathing problems such as asthma, we SHOULD NOT corset?

And how is it that corset-negative doctors seem to forget that corsets are actually recommended by  some of their colleagues for low blood pressure, to support the back after injury, and to correct scoliosis and alleviate pain? You can read about a number of other medical conditions that are beneficially addressed and treated by corsets in Lucy Williams great book, Solaced,  We highly recommend the book if you are curious about corsets, or are already a dedicated corset enthusiast and want to read real stories from real people who have benefited from wearing corsets.

Of those  doctors who have dissed corsets, not one has tried wearing a corset, or at least none have been publicized as doing so. That’s often the case with reporters who often also focus on the negative aspects of corsetry.

That’s why I applaud ABC-TV’s reporter Deborah Roberts, for pursuing a personal two-week trial of our Waist Training Coaching Program when she came to interview me in late 2012 for the 20/20 program. Sure, that’s not close to the three-month trial that we recommend, but it was more than nothing. Furthermore, Ms. Roberts’ experience revealed a few of the immediate delights (a notable shrinking waistline wearing a truly gorgeous training corset)  and a challenges (awkwardness getting in a car, hip pressure from lacing too tightly at first) that anyone attempting a fuller progran of waist training may expect to encounter. Ms. roberts followed our advice, loosened up her corset and continued with her experiement to the end. She used the common sense that we promote as one key to waist-training success.

However, the production manager decided to label corset waist training as an “extreme beauty” technique! Yet Ms. Roberts’ wrote a favorable review of her experiment and put her reputation on the line to try a corset. The program title and theme was not revealed to me in advance of airing in Oct. 2012, despite my three email requests for it. I should have known something was up! Naturally, I was very disappointed to see the final program title when it was announced. But going to the extreme is a risk for anyone who wants to speak up on popular media and for entertainment TV.

Remember that many TV shows are just that: entertainment. They are not to be taken seriously for content or critical information. They can provide a beneficial lead to experts who may then be contacted for further information, or you can visit their websites and do your own research. In that manner you may  come to your own conclusion as to whether or not the business is truly experienced,  moderate in advice, and doesn’t over-sell their product or the results. You need to know if that business is “commercially viable” and will follow thru on their promises and orders that you pay your hard earned money for.

We  strive to make ROMANTASY among those kinds of businesses, and we have done so for over 26 years in the corsetry business!


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