If you need help lacing your corset, try our “LACISSTANT”

CWT.C.4.26lacisstantSometimes technical things get in the way of beginning to waist train, especially if you are new to corsetry. Don’t worry: ROMANTASY has “the LACISSTANT” to rescue you and make your job easy!

Place the loop on one end of the device over a closet door handle, push up the white bar to secure the device against the door handle, then stretch out the cord.

Next, place the ends of both waist pulls of your corset over the hook on the other end of the Lacisstant. Note that the waist pulls must be even.

Then step forward to take up the slack of the cord as the client did, pictured in the bottom image.

The Lacisstant frees up both hands to reach around back and tighten each crisscross of the lacing cords, one by one. As you lace tighter, the lacing cords become slack.

Simply lean forward a bit, gently jiggle your feet a few more inches forward, and continue the process.

When you reach your desired level of tightness, remove the waist pulls from the hook of the device and tie a bow at your waist in back.

It’s easy to lace up a corset, and useful until you get the “hang” of it. once you do, you can use “feel” to find each criss-cross lacing cord in back and pull up from the bottom and down from the top toward the waistline, creating excess lacing cord at the waist pulls at your waist.

Why start from the bottom? Because you want to lift your body, not push it downward.

Once you repeat this lacing process several times using either our Lacisstant ($12 with corset purchase, or $15 without plus $5. shipping) or just the “feel,” tie a secure bow at your waistline, and even out the excess cording. Once you are an old hand at this, you can don your corset in a matter of minutes and be out of the door!


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