Experimenting: a key to successful waist training and good health

EXPERIMENTING – ONE CONCEPT LEADING TO SUCCESSFUL WAIST TRAINING!  I just came across the advice in a book published in 1988, to experiment  in working out what is relevant in nutrition for you as a unique individual. Experimenting is something I recommend more than once in my new book-in-progress on corset waist training, as well as in my original book Corset Magic first published in 2003 and updated thru 2015.

I happened to purchase Sherman R. Dickman’s book at a used book store in the early 2000s.  It’s called Pathways to Wellness (still avaiExercise in our stretch denim and mesh custom corsetlable on amazon.com). Dr. Dickman was a biochemist and professor at the University of Utah. (Dr. Dickman passed in 2006). Although some of his information and suggestions are outdated now, some 25 years later, experimenting is not one of them. He says:

“I suggest that we all should become expert in the art of testing; that is, experimenting on ourselves to decide if a given effect is repeatable or is a onetime event. The facts that you discover and the conclusions you draw from them will apply to you alone. You should also be prepared for the tricks that your own psyche will play on you (such as the placebo effect).”

I am reminded of my experience in physical therapy and in my falls prevention aerobics class which I’ve proudly attended regularly twice weekly since May, 2015!

I’ve attended physical therapy about 8 times in my life for various physical problems from back spasms to knee bursitis to biceps tendonitis. On almost every such occasion of multiple visits to address the problem, I’ve learned that some experimentation is involved each week in order to find that delicate point of doing just enough to push the muscles enough to strengthen, but not injure, them. Some weeks I’ve gone too far and experienced set backs and soreness, and then I back off. If no negative fallout occurs after a session, then I know I’m on the right track and can keep gently and consistently moving forward in what my therapist/trainer and I ask of myself.

Not only do we need to refer to qualified experts in the medical field when we are injured, be they doctors or physical therapists, but we need to self-monitor and self-protect as well.  When it comes  to physical therapists and personal trainers, I’ve noted that sometimes they do not know precisely what will result from their recommendation for that week or that exercise session. They have general knowledge and expertise, but they don’t know me.

Likewise, I can’t know everyone of my clients or book or blog readers. My hope regarding information I provide in how to pursue waist training and figure-shaping, is that it will in the main be helpful as a guideline for your personal adventure in seeking better health overall and a svelte figure. Yet I know that my information will not be a perfect fit for everyone. Anyone’s advice is just that: a guideline.

The best we can do for ourselves in reaching various goals in life, as well as in waist training, is to seek guidance from those who have extensive research and personal experience with their topic, people whose advice makes sense to us, who don’t overstate the potential results, and who encourage us in proper ways to protect ourselves and yet step beyond any self-imposed limits, then learn from our experiences.

That’s what I hope ROMANTASY stands for, as well as our approach to corset waist training.





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