How corsets help with blood pressure

The usual issue regarding blood pressure and corsets, is high blood pressure sometimes suffered by those a bit overweight. But some of us Corset by Sheri.5 for ROMANTASYsuffer low blood pressure — and corsets can help.

High blood pressure does not always mean that you can’t waist train or wear corsets — but not without a physicians release and carefully checking daily of the pressure at home and at work, several times.

We received an interesting personal story of how corsets helped a  book client with low blood pressure, and we thank her for the details which are helpful:

“My blood pressure drops 40 points when rising from sitting to standing.  My paternal grandmother also had this issue and had low blood pressure her whole life.  She also had varicose veins in her legs from a young age. I was told to consume lots of salt when I was about 12 to counteract it.  My grandmother was put on pills to raise her blood pressure, which the doctor failed to monitor.  She wound up with high blood pressure for the rest of her life from those pills.
“My mother started me wearing Legg’s active support control top stockings as a teen and through my young adult life.  I didn’t develop varicose veins, but have one bad valve in my lower leg now.  Also I rarely had issues with fainting or blood pressure when wearing support hosiery.  When I started wearing corsets for historical re-enactments, I found that my back stopped hurting and my blood pressure normalized, just like wearing compression stockings.  I researched on your site and on Lucy Corsetry about proper corsets, and finally got a few OTR and one custom corset to wear to work and started my waist training journey.
“My blood pressure is now finally normal when sitting or standing, unless I am not wearing a corset.  My bad leg valve has not gotten worse even though I sit at a desk job now, because I wear my compression socks and my corset almost 8 hours a day.  So the corset is acting just like another compression garment and my blood pressure returns to low (my normal pressure is 64/35, with my corset on I stay around 110/60, if I consume salt it helps keep it in the normal range when I remove my corset.
My back physician said my corsets are built exactly like the medical corsets for use after surgery and has encouraged my continued wear of these to postpone or possibly prevent surgery on my own back, which is also damaged from several car accidents in addition to the scoliosis.
Currently, I am getting back into my regular regime of waist training and losing the weight I gained last year while my child was hospitalized.  I’m saving up for a new custom corset this fall.”
We know that one of our great custom corsets will be just the right addition to  our client’s wardrobe when she is ready! Here’s our latest lovely, sedate and elegant underbust Victorian by Sheri for ROMANTASY.

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