How to get rid of cravings that derail waist-training: eat none of what you crave!

Eating well and healthier are two requirements of comfort in waist training, especially when you are squeezing your midriff with a corset. You need to reduce the fat and sugar content in your stomach and make it easy for food to progress thru your digestive track. What we crave tends to defeat that goal.

Dr. Mercola just posted a great summary blog of what I learned in Mark Schatzker’s book, The Dorito Effect, that Big Food and Gig Flavor are “out to get us”, that is, tempt us to indulge in our cravings, and hook us on manufactured flavors added back into food that has been stripped of flavor. The new flavors are addicting and designed to be that way, which accounts for the addition of sugar of many kinds of almost every kind of processed foods that we crave.

Sadly, as Dr. Mercola says, “First of all, as with any other addiction program, the less of it you eat, the less you’ll crave it as your body gets “weaned” from all these addictive hooks. So to beat food cravings you need to, ironically, eat less of the offending foods. chick broc sweet

I’m not convinced however, that fasting, even intermittent fasting that Dr. Mercola recommends, works. If he means what I did to get over my addiction to sugar last summer–well and good. I just quit refined added sugar “cold turkey” on June 15 and struggled for three weeks, but held on for the full four weeks that Barry Friedman recommends in I Love Me More Than Sugar. And I got over the craving for sugar, primarily in that way.

I do agree that we should “eat real foods.” Dr. Mercola means eat clean, natural, non processed foods, and cook them without a lot of additional fat, sugar or salt. There are too many good flavorings out there, including many flavors of Mrs. Dash, my personal “go to” flavoring when cooking, if not my parsley and sometimes thyme or rosemary garden herb plot outside my kitchen door.

chicken and two squashA waist-training student who taught me a lot was Lee, a lady of 5’2″ in height. Pictured are some of her “clean” meals and this is all she ate every day to lose from 157 to 120, enter our training program and drop down to 112 when she got consumed with her legal work and we lost touch. Still she had great habits in place, dropped over an inch in her waist in 2 months and was well on her way to her “fighting” weight where she felt best: 110.

Now I see pictures of food such as the ones in this blog, and I get hungry for just that food! you can tempt yourself to eat the right things in some of the same ways. It takes a little self-discipline but not all that much time, just like figure-trimming can be accomplished in a few weeks or a few months.

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