Decision-making, points of discernment, and two critical tasks for every day to improve your figure and health

One of my favorite authors is Barry Friedman, a man, as I am learning, of many talents (including juggling!) Barry is the inspirational author Ann in copper BRof a book about loving yourself — and doing away with added refined sugar:  I Love Me More Than Sugar.

Barry’s approach and his book, changed my life for the better when I desperately needed to get back into my corsets and reduce my expanding waistline, and find my lost energy– but at a time I wasn’t inclined to formally corset waist train because nothing seemed to fit!

I came upon the book shortly after I had added a two-day-per-week aerobics routine to my life, a routine worked out by a kinesiologist,  concentrating on exercise to avoid falling.

An email note today from Barry pointed out what is critical to do each day to keep well and fit, focusing on the word “discernment”. We make 35,000 decisions a day, but what should we include most every day? What will we discern as of maximum importance to our health?

I’ve added 100 squats and stretching to my daily routine, plus walking twice a week to and from my vigorous hour-long aerobics class. Since I started the class a year ago, I figure it’s now a beneficial habit I’m not likely to abandon it, nor will I abandon my commitment to go sugar-free for the most part (organic honey and fruit are still in my diet).  I’ve never felt better, not to mention energy gain, weight loss back to my norm, muscle building, better digestion overall, and figure toning and trimming! Overall I’m a lot happier after these “discernments.”

Here’s what Barry recommends:

  1. The Quality and Quantity of the Food You Eat Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Use discernment to define the foods that support the lifestyle you want for yourself – and stick to it. It’s just as easy to set the automatic response to ‘No, thank you’ as it is to have it set to ‘Sure, I’ll have another one of those!’
  2. Exercise Every Single Day – When the voice in you says, “I’m too tired to exercise,” prove it wrong. Do something to actually exhaust your body and reap the benefits. Physical activity promotes weight loss, increases HDL ‘good’ cholesterol, improves mood, confidence, and self-esteem, reduces constipation, and yields deeper sleep.

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