Seeking strategies to avoid food: chewing gum vs. food, a query?

To be of help to my waist-training coaching program students, I’m alert to any novel ideas that might keep them away from food (as well as from taking smaller bites unlike this lady, which is another topic for another day!). That’s sometimes advisable if and when they need to reduce a few calories as part of their figure-shaping goals.

Of course, waist training is not a diet–and requires a multifaceted approach that focuses first on health, not inches or pounds.Slide Open Mouth

I like the concept of “Distract your mouth.” 

In any initial attempt at waist training, even when you are wearing a corset, you have to give yourself a sufficient time-out from cravings and hunger pangs so that they diminish or disappear. This benefit of waist training has happened to all of my coaching program students, it’s great news, and it’s one of the key reasons that waist training works! I’ll address the underlying factors about how that works in another blog.

Some of the ways to distract yourself from cravings, involves keeping your mouth occupied with something other than food—and I don’t mean smoking!

You can chew gum like  a 2012 student, Heather, does, or talk on the phone when you get hungry. A University of Rhode Island study found that people who chewed sugar-free gum in the morning ate 68 fewer calories for lunch than those who did not. And they didn’t make up for it later in the day. (“Health News,” Ladies Home Journal, March 10, ca 2005, p. 128).

One possible reason is that the nerves in the jaw feed into the hypothalamus region of the brain that controls satiety, so the act of chewing makes you full.

My question today is: why that doesn’t work just from chewing a reasonable portion of food that we adore?

If you have an answer, please let me know. FCM - fab pink dot coutil

We’d also love your additional suggestions about how you distract yourself from overeating?  That likely starts with a journal identifying when you do that, and under what circumstances. Then you can deal with the source of the impetus to overeat, while you distract yourself from the temptation.

In the meantime, don’t walk into a restaurant, shop for food, cook, or eat unless you are wearing your corset snugly laced! this lovely corset is by Sheri Jurnecka for ROMANTASY, in pink dot German coutil bound with pink Petersham, a super and pretty corset for waist training!


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