More on “I don’t want to hear it” — About hope in changing multiple habits and well-being!

I LOVE HOPE!Exercise in our stretch denim and mesh custom corset

I’m an eternal optimist, sometimes a Pollyanna, as one of my friends says. I smile and say to myself: “Better that than the reverse.”

My hope springs eternal for both you and for me! When it comes to health, there is new, optimistic news from a small research study that:

–We don’t have to take a hugely long time to change in many ways at once and for the better!

That dovetails nicely with the research proof I have from coaching about 25 students in corset waist training.    I stress three elements, not just one, in a three-month adventure to reshape your figure and lose waistline inches:

(1) corset wearing, (2) corset-friendly nutrition practices, and (3) waist-targeted exercises.

You can even exercise in a corset if you want to as Heidi is doing here, in the “Kewl Korset” by Jill Hoverman for Romantasy. It’s a flexible lycra-with-satin-and corsetmesh single-boned corset, cooler on the body than most and non-restrictive. It provides just enough back support to correct the leaning posture inherent in riding a bike, protect you from aggravation on the golf course, and more.

To achieve success in waist reduction, it’s my experience that you must do several things all together, not just one. You can enhance your chances of reaching reasonable goals by adding a few sub-elements of waist training such as visualization, finding and implementing a Training Buddy or other support system, carefully recording statistics as well as physical and emotional reactions, and other. You can read detailed information in our “how to” Corset Magic book and order it online.

Waist training is not a “one-item-diet” like the grapefruit cleanse. It’s not a one-step journey.

So wherein lies hope?

The NYT summarized new research by Prof. Michael Mrazek from my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara (published  in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)  and proud I am to read that:

it’s likely “better to address all of our bad habits at once rather than try to make incremental changes to our lives.”

(“Out with the old” by Gretchen Reynolds, NYT , May 15, 2016). Admittedly the research involved a very small group of 31 students, half divided into a group that completed 3.5 hrs/ of exercise every day (in two sessions including trainer-led walks, meditation, stretching, resistance training and balance exercises), twice a week interval- style endurance workouts on their own, attended lectures about nutrition and sleep, and kept daily logs detailing their exercise, diets, sleep patterns, and moods.

There was no information about whether or not nutrition changes were also implemented, but that could have only benefited the students more, not less. Students ended up stronger, fitter and more flexible, plus performed better on test of thinking, focus and working memory, and reported feeling happier and calmer, with a higher self esteem.

Six weeks after the initial six-week study and without any support or research team contact, the results were holding, even though “none of them were still exercising or meditation as much as they did during the experiment.”

I like to say that corset waist training works—if you work it. This small study, limited in time, is some support for my advice: enter into a three-month period that focuses your priority on figure shaping and achieving better heath and sense of well-being, do multiple things to reach your goal, and you will likely succeed in getting rid of a number of bad habits and replaced them with new, and feeling better in the process! Corset waist training changes more than just the waistline!

Then you must attend to the riches of your new figure over time because you want more than just six weeks of after-burn, right? Let’s move together forward to a  lifetime of benefits and support each other as we succeed!

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