Pre-Biotics and Good Health

We’re all pretty familiar with probiotics, but it took me til I read Tim Spector’s book, The Diet Myth, to learn a bit about prebiotics and the foods containing them.

You might want to read Dr. Spector’s book and also consult Dr. Mercola’s website mentioning prebiotics:

Dr. Mercola says to stick with traditionally fermented foods for healthful probiotics (such as sauerkraut, pickled foods, kefir, and buttermilk if you can tolerate it), and unprocessed whole foods for prebiotics, such as onions and garlic.

Spector also mentions Jerusalem artichokes (hard to find) and a few other food items as containing prebiotics which also positively affect our gut microbiomes.

Microbiomes are likely to be the next frontier in nutrition research.

Certainly good nutrition goes along with corset waist-training. I found I could not drop the 10 plus pounds I added to my figure two years ago, until I quit most refined sugar on June 15 (and quit most processed foods which contain added sugar, not to mention chemical flavors and preservatives).

That one food-intake change jump-started my figure-trimming process, gradually reduced my hunger, and caused other foods to improve in flavor, not to mention dropping the extra one inch off my waistline. During the past six months I only irregularly corseted, so changes were due to me changing my diet, and keeping up with a two-day a week hour-long aerobics program (plus walking there and back for an extra mile’s hike). Clearly, a daily corset regime will obviously enhance this kind of process and progress in most cases.

Not only that, dropping sugar most certainly caused a major and beneficial microbiome shift in my gut. One beneficial result has been the disappearance (almost) of occasional chronic constipation from which I have suffered since adolescence. Corseting only increases the risk of same if you do not attend to proper diet and drinking a good bit of water, plus regular exercise and increasing the fiber content (but not quantity) in what you eat.

However, beware of any generalized advice to “drink more water.” Hardly anyone  knows that a number of doctors now don’t recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses per day, but drinking more like 2 to 6 glasses I was amazed to learn that some years ago and then a few years later to learn it again. On two separate occasions I over-drank water, caused pressure on my bladder (worse when you are corseting), and created UTI-like symptoms. On both occasions the doctor opined I was drinking too much water!  I backed off and lo! within days the symptoms disappeared both times.

What the New York Times called “a new field” in last Sunday’s  paper, is personalized nutrition. However a web search of the phrase reveals folks talking about this years ago. What it means is that our metabolism whether from genetic or social/experiential causes, is highly individual. What works for me in corset waist training and good nutrition, might not be the same for you.

A lot of the answers to FAQ questions I receive and post online, state “it depends.” Frustrating answer, but it pays to be very cautious in dispensing or accepting general advice. It also pays to be wary of TV’s pop doctors dispensing the same.

I was fairly discouraged some months ago to see Dr. Oz stating that one of the elements of proof about corsets possibly being harmful and entailing risk, was that some organs are elevated during an MRI. The MRI tested a person wearing an unboned “wannabe” corset on a model and Dr. Oz discussed the results on his popular tv show. However, one of our medical advisors, a retired coroner and presently active forensic expert with substantial qualifications in anatomy and biology and quite corset and fashion-conscious,  alerted me that organs are naturally elevated during MRIs because you lie down! Organs drop when you stand up and elevate when you lie down, corseted or not.

More’s the pity when powerful but uneducated doctors issue thoughtless, generalized opinions or advice about corseting, waist training, possible “risk” and health. Don’t abandon your common sense when it comes to a so-called “expert.” You are the best expert in your own personal health and well being!


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