Cheerios a beloved General Mills brand, is being sued — for foisting a huge increase in SUGAR on us, all in the name of protein. The product apparently has been on the shelves since May of 2014 according to an online news report, see: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/keyword/cheerios

Why doesn’t this surprise me?

General Mills Inc. was hit with a proposed class action in California federal court Monday accusing the company of falsely marketing its Cheerios Protein cereal line as a healthier alternative to regular Cheerios, saying it only has a little more protein with considerably more sugar. See, http://www.law360.com/articles/725003/general-mills-hit-with-false-ad-suit-over-cheerios-protein

The new cereal has seventeen times the amount of sugar as regular Cheerios and from 6 gms of protein a serving, to only a “smidge” more, that is 6.7 gms.

And of course, the new “protein” Cheerios cost more.

General Mills and Cheerios have been in trouble before, at least in the courts:

And now the lawsuits… General Mills sued over recalled gluten-free Cheerios By Elaine Watson+, 03-Nov-2015 

In August of 2012:
“A lawsuit filed by two California mothers against General Mills claims the maker of Kix cereal, Bisquick and Cheerios has deceptively marketed its Nature Valley products as natural when they contain highly processed ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, high maltose corn syrup and maltodextrin.

“The women are seeking to turn the suit, which was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, into a class action, the New York Times reported.

“The company was accused in another lawsuit of defrauding consumers by selling Yoplait Greek Yogurt with an ingredient known as milk protein concentrate, the ultra-filtered, dry milk powder that has prevented Kraft Foods from calling Velveeta cheese, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reported.

“General Mills isn’t the only food products company to face lawsuits over eco-labeling. A lawsuit filed last year against the food giant ConAgra says the company’s Wesson oil contains genetically modified ingredients and doesn’t qualify as “natural.” Read more: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2012/08/01/general-mills-sued-over-natural-labeling/#ixzz3r8ojdPT4  Read more: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2012/08/01/general-mills-sued-over-natural-labeling/#ixzz3r8oHQN9o

What sad news is all of the above, esp. the current lawsuit — but today’s news constitutes just one more element of proof that Big Food only wants us to get sick and die faster — but be sure and spend more money before we do, on more useless products with misleading advertising. Although I have no time now to research online the details and will reserve the right to clarify facts, I’m tempted to just say “Shame on you General Mills” — and be done with it.

Of course there is always another side to every story. GM has it’s lawyers in place and has its argument for it’s advertising specified. it will be up to the courts now, to decide the matter.

That sugar is addicting, I am now convinced. This past weekend on a birthday weekend in the high Sierras in Sequoia National Park, I indulged after a small prime rib dinner, in one-half a normal size of carrot cake. This was my first piece of any refined sugar dessert since June 15, now five months ago. Within five minutes of eating the cake, my stomach felt nauseous and remained that way until bedtime a few hours later. It was a horrible feeling, and one that I no longer want to repeat!

It just takes me once such experience with cake that almost ruined the memory of my delicious birthday dinner, to convince me to forgo refined sugar desserts forever (other than one bite of cake that I can apparently tolerate, as tried on only two separate occasions since June 15!)

The general public thru research and public health news now knows that any form of refined sugar of any kind, especially in processed foods, is bad for us.  How much longer will it take for us to permanently change our eating and purchasing habits? If no one buys Cheerios, I don’ t think they would last that long on the shelves.

Please read the labels on your food products, if you care at all about what you consume and offer to your family. Be sure that the product manufacturers of your food care about your health, and use open and honest, fact-based advertising for so-called “health” claims.

Meantime I’ll ponder if I am more outraged by the alleged false advertising, a consumer right’s concern, or by the actual amount of sugar being foisted upon us in a subtle way by the new product. I am about to conclude that most all Big Food companies are principally out to make more money by foisting more sugar on us in processed foods, causing us to die earlier.


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