The IsoBag, via Lee

isobag34Lee uses an IsoBag to portion out her meals and loves it. Here is what she told me:

“I use the 3 meal bag, and it actually fits 4 meals anyway.  The containers are perfect portion size, there are ice packs to keep everything cold all day at work.  There is a top zip section, and 2 side cylindrical cold containers.  I am good to go all day.  While the 3 meal bag is a reasonable size, it isn’t that big, I still would like to get the mini size too.  The mini size would be perfect for weekends when I just need to take a meal with me so that I don’t miss my meal time, or be forced to eat something unhealthy.
“I’m really not snacking.  I eat often enough that I really don’t get hungry, or by the time I’m hungry it is time to eat again.  Sometimes at night, however, I find myself craving some kind of cheat.  I still have trouble at night and want to cheat/eat.  Sometimes I give in and eat/cheat.
“I have been buying the Lindt 99% cocoa chocolate bars lately.  It isn’t my favorite chocolate at all, however, it is nearly without sugar and it satisfies the chocolate craving.
“Yes, I drink just water, with the following exceptions:  my morning cup of coffee with cream (I cut out the afternoon one most days); and I usually have a vodka on the rocks if I go out on the weekend.  I like to put sliced fruit in my water.  I refill a plastic Voss bottle, because the mouth is wide enough for me to put fruit in the bottle with my water.”
You can find the IsoBag here:

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