More on Sugar and Exercise

Althogh a bit tangential to corset waist-training, my continued interest on our well-being and the issue of obesity was intensified today by a brilliant August 13 online report gratefully sent to me by a lovely client Angela;  See

The report deals with two things: exercise and sugar. Re sugar, it says:

A study11 published in the New England Journal of Medicine in August 2013 demonstrates that even mild elevation of blood sugar — a level of around 105 or 110 — is associated with an elevated risk for dementia.

And regarding exercise it says:


“…three new studies looking at exercise and Alzheimer’s show that not only can exercise reduce your risk of the disease, it appears to be an important part of treatment as well. According to Maria Carrillo, chief science officer of the Alzheimer’s Association: ‘Based on the results we heard reported… at AAIC 2015, exercise or regular physical activity might play a role in both protecting your brain from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and also living better with the disease if you have it.’ “


I’ve become increasingly committed personally and professionally as a waist-training coach and adviser to my corset clients, to the matter of exercise and more recently, to reducing our intake of refined sugar. I knew about exercise and the brain, but now there is proof that not only does sugar relate to weight and shape, it also relates to our brain!

If that isn’t sufficient proof that we must get hold of our addictions to sugar and pull out all the stops to reduce it in our diet, I don’t know what is.

Often I am asked about age and corset waist training. I did not begin to corset until I was age 48 so I know it can be done later in life and most likely, becomes more, not less, important to pursue if one is interested in this strategy and technique for weight/figure control.

Obesity is more of a problem for the aging person, especially as we tend to need fewer calories the older we are. We all know that as a matter of common knowledge. But we tend to forget it and as we age, go up not only in years but in weight.

For women this trend likely contributes to a poor body image and discouraged feelings, whereas as we age and grow in wisdom, we also should be growing in contentment and pleasure in knowing more and taking better care of ourselves.

I hope you read the full online report!


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