Stress and Obesity – another new report linking the two

Happy DanceI learned on today’s Good Morning America TV news show, that there is yet another research study out linking stress to obesity, as a fact not just a theory. The earliest report on that matter I found was on webmd’s website, mentioning a 2009 study. “Researchers found a molecule the body releases when stressed called NPY (neuropeptide Y). NPY appears to unlock certain receptors in fat cells, causing them to grow in both size and number.” The report seems to be linked only to chronic, ongoing stress, but I suspect that occasional acute stress can also wreak havoc.

See, :

Amazingly, even parent’s stress level can effect the obesity rates in their children! See,

While due to a slow computer today I have not yet been able to find the text of the GMA program to locate the new study, I learned that stress triggers the release of insulin, leptin, ghrelin (causes hunger sensations), and other. That leads us to crave sweets and fats. As the GMA reporter said, “no one craves carrots.”

Their solution? Plan. Plan to shop. Plan to cook. Plan snacks. Basically think and don’t rush eating.

I agree that this is one, if not “the”, key to dealing with stress.

But another key is to stick to your own waist-training plan and be disciplined. I discovered and mentioned this in my book, with the section on Stress reiterated below. I hope it helps you follow your plan when you encounter unusual stress and are tempted to stray. Just let your nurturing parent step forward and impose some tough love on yourself. You may be surprised by how corset waist-training can have certain emotional benefits!

How do you cope with stress during waist training? Share you tips and tricks here and I’ll happily pass them on in order to be helpful to others.



For certain, life has its stresses for every person alive, and there is today, information overload causing “continuous partial attention” says former Microsoft executive Linda Stone (see her bog, The Attention Project), as reported by writer Katy Read in “May I Have My Attention, Please?, AARP The Magazine, July/August 2010. Everyone responds differently sometimes even to identical stressors. I’ve already discussed above, the possible benefits of over-preparation before public presentations, especially for those who are corseted and tend to be introverts in their work and personal lives.

According to one doctor, “Studies in humans show that stress in around 30% of the population decreases food intake and induces loss of weight.” (See, Apparently, for the most of us stress works in the opposite direction.

It’s been known for some years that there is a connection between stress and obesity. That’s certainly my case. When I’m in love I noted that hunger tends to disappear and when I’m in a more normal state, stress makes me eat. Could falling in love be “the” solution to incorporate into your corset waist-training program?:-)
Everyday health online reported in 2009 that there was finally some research that linked stress and obesity(see, (N.B. Actually webmd reports that as early as 2007; see start of this blog) I ran across the same idea on August 10, 2015 when listening to Good Morning America.. Stress raises our craving for glucose and changes our brain chemistry. It triggers the release of insulin, leptin, ghrelin (that causes hunger) and other hormones. Since “no one craves carrots” according to the GMA reporter, then you’ll be particularly challenged to “exercise your nurturing, rational adult” as I call it, and concentrate hard on your training program.

However, the very good news is that a very routinized training program can work to counter stress! One day I read that certain research suggests that when stressed we not only eat more fats and sugars, but we comfort ourselves with familiar routines. That was when I realized why some of my students have done quite well with waist training, even when they have lost jobs or been served with divorce papers!

The comfort of a daily corseting routine that is familiar and disciplined, can provide structure to an otherwise chaotic situation, and you may well find that corseting reduces your stress level, rather than exacerbates it. So don’t automatically conclude that corset waist training will make your busy, stressed-out life less manageable since it might happily work in just the opposite way.

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P.S. The text of the GMA coverage may be found at:

The very strange thing is that the new research results are “published in the journal our roon.” I’ve never heard of a journal called “Our Roon” so I assume this is an editorial type. Perhaps it will be corrected so that we find the actual report and read it. Anyone have any ideas here?

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