Instructive Waist-Training Evaluation from Student with Advice To Others

It’s always instructive to receive the post-graduation evaluation of my coaching students. Dorothy just reported in after her 2.25″ waistline loss and 12.8 lb loss.

In sum, she felt thoroughly prepared for her training program in advance of starting. She knew what to expect and what to change. Looking back she was pleased with her results at a level “7” our of a scale of 1 to 10. As for why she felt she did not meet her original goals, she believed them to be a bit too ambitious for her actual lifestyle (Dorothy is a busy vet). What was difficult was working in her corset during the long hours she had to log toward the end of her program, but she never gave up. What kept her in the corset was to remind herself that she only had “one more hour to bear up”–and she did!

Her advice to others? Be ready for a serious commitment, be ready to learn some truths about yourself, and be willing to change.Silhouette before and after

As for things she might go back to after her program, she said that she might eat a few more desserts from time to time, but plans to corset three days a week to keep focusing on her core and improved posture. We are strict in emphasizing to daily engage the transverse abdominus muscle (located horizontally just under and below the belly button) which has a direct correlation to pulling in and minimizing the gut. Dorothy now knows it works and you can see t he results above in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ side silhouette images. Note how her belly rounds out in the ‘before’ picture, but goes straight down in her ‘after’ picture. The small pooch at her waistline is actually caused by her pants upper edge showing under her cami top.

As for what surprised her, she already knew corsets would make her back feel better, but “now I truly appreciate it and the way it has taught me to keep good posture at all times.”

As part of the evaluation I list about 25 elements of the training program including motivational factors, personal contact, routine wearing, nutrition and exercise elements, and other. The top ten elements in order that Dorothy found most helpful to her progress and procedure during training were:

  1. Anticipating graduation and the end results.
  2. Improving her eating: food and manner of eating.
  3. Cutting back on fried foods, fats, sugars, alcohol and coffee.
  4. Cutting back on cereal for breakfast and carby-snacks.
  5. Monday morning measurements and report to Coach and Training Buddy.
  6.  One day off a week to look forward to.
  7. Daily journal note-taking.
  8. Drinking more water and juices.
  9. Exercise routine
  10. Telling/sharing with others her program progress along the way.

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