Coaching Student Making Steady Progress Down in Waist Training

Our present coaching student Dorothy, by her tenth week of waist training has dropped two inches off her waistline and 11 lbs. off her weight! She is pleased, and so am I!

Although she did not set aside time after six weeks to take the mid term photos we request of students, we’ll do that in two weeks at the end of her three months of corset waist training.

Originally Dorothy, a busy professional in the medical field, in her early 40s, decided to try the program because she did not like the direction her weight and shape were moving in. She felt discouraged and down. She thought it was time to get hold of the process and reverse the direction. She told me she was determined to complete the program and give it a good try, and believes so far she has completed 90 to 95 % of what I have asked of her in terms of corset wearing, nutrition changes, and exercise additions to target the waistline muscles.

Recently she was able to  complete a mid term questionnaire and it has some answers that can be helpful to others, to encourage you to try this process for yourself. We report her answers below.

What do you like best about waist training?

A: Awareness of how much I need to eat and changes (down) in hunger level.

What surprised you so far?

A: That I’m not really losing weight but seeing changes in my shape.

(N.B. You can waist train to lose weight, to lose inches, or both!)

What do you feel you have gained so far?

A: Definitely more discipline over my eating habits.

What have you lost so far?

A: I’ve lost some of the pessimism I had about my body.

How have your tastes in food or drink changed?

A: I don’t miss cereal or soda and crave sweets less.

What have others said to you about any changes they noted in you?

A: My sister has noted my midsection looks slimmer and my posture is better.

What advice would you give prospective waist-trainees?

A: Be prepared to learn some hard truths about yourself and be ready to change.

I think the operable words here are “be ready to change.” I just blogged about my decision to give up refined sugar in mid June in my quest to knock an inch off my hips and waist and 5 lbs. off my weight. I had to think and think and finally “decide” to do it, or maybe for me it’s “Decide” with a capital “D” because then I really mean to do something when I Decide. Dorothy “really meant” to do this program because she was “ready to change.”

Although she might not reach the original goals we set for her in weight or waistline inch loss, they were reasonable and do-able, but genetics, work, hunger, issues about the corset (body inflexibility, discomfort, bloating etc.) can get in the way and cause us to pause our efforts. Genes have a lot to do with how and where and when we lose weight and we often cannot control those. So we control and manipulate in a good way, what we can.

Dorothy has managed the tight and longer hours of Corset wearing scheduled as amended the third week, and born up under a good bit of discomfort in order to keep on track for ten weeks so far. That is admirable. Despite travelling out of town to a professional event, delivering a paper there, doing a good bit of overtime at her work in surgery, and other, she has stuck to her promise to herself and to me and to her Training Buddy, to carry thru all the way to see the results. It appears from her weekly checkins and reports that she has not fallen off the wagon nor used hard days or small backtracks to excuse her from completing three months of the adventure.

It’s a bit of a mystery as to what precisely will happen to any given individual who tries waist training. To me,  it’s a fun mystery to solve, an adventure to go on and see how it turns out — but you have to do the homework and turn the pages and answer the quizzes we send, and toe the mark with that tape measure keeping that corset tied down at the day’s level six days per week and do your ‘setting’ techniques of the transverse abdominal and etc.

It’s not easy, but it’s not onerous and you won’t die from putting forth a good bit of effort for only three very very short months. And it works — if you work it!

We’ll report back at the end of Dorothy’s program hopefully with some before and after images for you to picture her results and to be inspired to try the process either in our ROMANTASY coaching program, or on your own following the detailed guidelines we have in our Corset Magic book.

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