What does “permanent” mean when it comes to waist training?

I just completed a 30-minute phone call with a friendly caller who had purchased and completely read my book, “Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure.” The purpose of the call was to get answers to her remaining two questions that apparently went unanswered in my detailed “how to” book:

“Yes, but… is the change permanent?” and, “How much will I lose in three months following your program?”

To verify that indeed, I had included the answers in my book but that this reader had missed them, I went back and re-read the first few pages of text containing a 2014 Update. Sure enough, there it was in black-and-white:

—“…success in waist training is also a matter of choice and not making excuses to avoid responsibility.” After that I discussed how a former student had visited me recently, but re-gained all the weight lost during waist training. She was using every excuse “in the book” to pig out on a daily basis, so no wonder she had regained everything, right?

—“… life-long habits (and excuses) take longer than three months to change. I used to think three months of corset waist-training was enough, but it’s clearly not. It’s enough to jump-start healthier new habits. It’s enough to show positive results 99.9% of the time, results that motivate and encourage us.  But motivate us to do what? Fall right back into what we were doing before, that got us here to begin with? Without one doubt, some positive changes we make during training will stick around, but some form of waistline-maintenance and periodic checks and measures must be implemented during training and must continue a lifetime afterward, if we want a lifetime of positive results.

—“If we don’t get a handle on what it was both practically in the real world, and emotionally or spiritually in our individual psychological world, that got us to where we aren’t happy with our weight or shape and want to change, then the benefits of waist training won’t last. We have to embark on waist training with corsets along with more self-introspection and self-honesty to identify behaviors that have defeated our goals in the past and threaten our progress today.”

What I had amazingly omitted to hit on the head right up front, was a point I made to my caller:

Everyone’s results are individual and unique: there is no way to predict with certainty what will happen after dedicated corset waist training!

I re-read my introduction, and noted that I did discuss my early-2014 failed experiment with Dr. Oz’s “14 day Diet” :

—“… my primary medical consultant “Dr. X” reminded me that any “general” advice is just that: general and not specific to me as an individual. As an individual, clearly I need some wheat and I need some fiber, in fact, a lot of fiber. You will have to figure that matter out for yourself.”

Although I stressed there, that results are individual, I had not hit the nail directly on the head! So now  I’ll amend that early statement to add that results of waist training are also highly individual, and depend upon multiple factors. I’m certain I made that point later in my book, multiple times, but it had been overlooked by my caller.

I often muse in my blogs about our psychology as human beings, and why we tend to do this or that, or “hear” this or that.  My caller caused me to muse about why it is so bloody difficult for people to understand that corset waist-training results can be PERMANENT (and are not predictable with certainty). To me, the clear meaning of “permanent” is  that you will or may lose actual, real pounds, and actual real inches off your waistline.

But many keep asking me that same question over and over. My client said that I “Just didn’t understand her question,” but I understood it very well.

Something else was going on beneath her repetitive questioning, but what? She was a highly educated women, having earned a master’s degree in history followed by a law degree. She was articulate, and enthusiastic about corseting and trimming her figure. She trusted my experience. She listened to my answers. Yet she expected certainty in my predictions for her, and still could not believe that the inch loss would or could remain after she removed her corset, so long as she did not start to pig out again on Krispy Kremes!

Could it be that body-dysmorphia was at work, putting up a barrier to her fully hearing and fully understanding  or accepting my words?

Could it be that she expected the waist-training process to be a scientific one, rather than what it actually is:

–a bit of art, a bit of luck, a good bit of genetics, a bit of psychology and motivation, a bit of discipline, a bit of luck, and a bit of science all rolled into one ball of corset wax?

I hope she truly groked what I answered today.

As a post note, I am more concerned about another matter than I am about her doubts regarding the permanency of waist training results.

The client told me she wishes to waist train  because she had met a man who interested her romantically, he had once felt a waist nipper under her clothing, and objected.  My inclination was to advise her to leave this potential partner in the dust, but in a fit of diplomacy I refrained from expressing my opinion.

What I’ve learned from coaching about 25 clients in waist training, is that motivation works best for us when it comes from the inside out, not the reverse. Waist training to please a man is the wrong-way up based on my experience. No matter, I’ll wish her the best of luck, and be here to answer her further questions and encourage her along the way.






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