Motivation and charity – and our Corset Raffle to benefit a local battered women’s shelter

logoThe goal of our 25th year-in-business celebration is by Feb. 15 at 5 pm PST, to raise a nice sum of money for San Francisco’s oldest battered women and children’s shelter, La Casa de las Madres:

This 36-bed facility has to raise half its annual funds and we’d like to help! But as of Feb. 4 we are a bit surprised that no one has taken us up on FOUR remaining  SCHOLARSHIPS of five for “name your own raffle fee”  less than the $25 suggested raffle donation.  You could win a $200-300 corset for say, $5 or 10 or 20~And of course we’d like to keep  moving to our goal of a nice total donation amount, and hope you will help and help us get the word out to your social media corset-enthusiast contacts.

Recently one lady lusting after a fully custom ROMANTASY corset, took us up on the offer and submitted what she felt she could afford for a chance to win a Basic Line, lined corset with your choice of fabric and embellishments, even including rhinestones and lace!! It’s a neat little sleep or hot-wear or fashion corset, fully custom by either Jill or Sharon. To take a chance, please submit your entrance fee by Feb. 15 at 5 pm simply by calling us: 415 587-3863. Drawing will be Feb. 15 at 6 pm with winner announced on Feb. 19.

On to Motivation. That’s my topic — and it’s relevant to our charity efforts this important month.

I often muse about motivation as relevant to my efforts as a waist-training coach for students enrolled in our formal three-month coaching  program. A potential new student is coming over soon to be measured for a corset by Sheri, which corset which she has already chosen via her online research.  Sheri makes what must be the most comfy training corset ever, because she allows for breathing room in her patterning, and opts for very strong but lighter-weight construction:

An article in the Sunday Jan. 11 New York Times, “Workout Economics”,  once more set me to thinking about motivating my students. The author J. Barro mentions a quite human “overoptimism” about what we will accomplish, particularly at the beginning of each year with it comes to diets and working out.  According to the December/January AARP Magazine in an article “New Year, New You” by Jan Chatzky, we spent $22 billion on health clubs in 2013.  “And a lot of that cash is wasted.”  One Boston study reported in the Times article found that gym members said they would work out about 9.5 times a month, more than twice their actual attendance. Not surprising. Can you imagine how many gorgeous full custom corsets some of that wasted $22 billion would buy? I might have to retire if some of those who wasted billions came to their senses and opted instead for some corsets from ROMANTASY!

I know for sure that the source of motivation to corset waist train must come from within, although external encouragement and support by others, even from a formal ‘training buddy’ that we assign to each student,  is key to keep students going all the way to the end of their planned program.

Knowing oneself is also key, so that each student is aware of how they got to the place that they are now dissatisfied with their figure, weight or shape, and want to change. But knowledge is not full power–and not the full story.

Sometimes students find surprising motivational matters along their way, as Gigi did. Gigi is pictured here dancing the night away at her graduation party, with Simon (from Switzerland!), and below right with Lynn, another  student who completed her coaching program a month before Gigi began. Gigi  grew to love getting up in the dark at 5 am, putting on her yoga clothes, and doing her oblique waist exercises by candlelight every morning. It was quite the surprise to her and to me to learn that she enjoyed that routine. Chatzky says that a ritual does not feel like work, quoting author James Hill, author of the book State of SlimGigi and Simon dancing 2002

I also know that if a student can make getting up in the morning and putting on a gorgeous corset for the day’s wearing period, be the reward itself (and the concomitant feelings of being hugged and looking great!), then they tend to follow their program through to the end. Chatzky reported the same: to avoid wasting your money on gym memberships and meaningless resolutions each year, exercise should become the reward itself.

I also thought that collecting my somewhat substantial coaching fee up front with no refunds for dropping out, might do the same. However, I now think that I was only partly right.

I learned from the Times article that paying up front for gym memberships–or perhaps even for my coaching program (typical fee is $400 for three months, or $300 if a corset is purchased from a ROMANTASY team corsetiere) —  does not in and of itself, work to keep us moving toward our goal.

What worked for participants in one study was to set aside more than the cost of a gym membership in the expectation that some of that money would be released to the member but only if they worked out regularly over the next two months — otherwise it would be given to charity.

The effects of this contract on workout frequency persisted for years; three years after the study, those who had elected the set-aside contracts remained 20 percent more likely to work out than those who had not been offered any incentives.Gigi and LynnGigi back 2002

Based on this study, I’m going to implement a similar approach with my new student if she concurs. I will invoice her the entire coaching fee up front and we will set April 18 as her start date followed by three months of corset waist training. If she completes all three months at a 95% satisfaction rate as to all elements of her detailed plan, then I will “refund” her $100 as her graduation present.

If she does not, then I will donate it to La Casa de las Madres, my chosen local charity! I’m not about to give that money to an “anti-charity” also suggested in the Times article, that is, to a charity that my student just hates, tho it’s an interesting idea.

I’m wondering what motivational factors have kept you on track and wearing your corset in any formal waist-training program or effort to reach permanent loss or notable temporary waistline reduction?




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