Common Sense and Patience…again!

Angie in Jill best of dayWhile we can’t take credit for Jasmine’s inspirational progress in figure shaping and waist training since we met her in early March of this year, we do know that regular corseting each day has contributed to her progress. Today we met with her to plan her third training corset to add to her growing wardrobe, offering chances to tweak the measurements a tad bit on the new one, add a lovely purple palate to her corset wardrobe, and offer  more options  in her corset wardrobe from which to choose each day as she trains.

A consummate marathoner for years with healthy nutrition habits well in place,  Jasmine intuitively understands the drill needed with corsets.

The bottom line is: don’t rush, take wee steps as you move forward, challenge yourself but become very comfy and versed at a particular level of restriction before taking a gentle step down, and continue without break (save one day per week) –whether or not you see results. Believing in results is more important than seeing them — believe it or not!

We verified results today. On March 2 she measured as follows: rib cage 29, snug waist 25.5, pelvis 31, derriere 35

On May 31 she measured: rib cage 28 (-1), snug waist 23.75 (-1.75), pelvis 30 (-1), derriere 33.5 (-1.5)

Today she measured:  rib cage 27.75 (-.25), snug waist 23.5 (-.25), pelvis 30 (same), derriere 33.5 (same).

In sum Jasmine has reduced her weight from 118 lbs to 103-105 lbs, and lost two inches in her already-slim waistline in 5.5 months of corset training. Excellent progress for someone her slim size and shape.

When we first met and measured her in March of this year, she purchased the gorgeous paisley and satin underbust Vic by Jill pictured above left (close of 19″), then came back in May to be remeasured for an underbust Edwardian in peach satin (close of 17.5″).  Today she ordered a second, tighter Vic (close of 17.5″). She can now wear the first paisley Vic comfortably laced down to 21″ under the corset for 10 hours or so. She uses 1/2″ increments in lacing down when she is ready to lace down after putting in long hours of comfy wear at one level. She, plans to change to 1/4″ increments when she reaches 20″, to further close down this trainer.

Today we showed her the subtle difference between Jill’s more hourglassy silhouette and Sheri’s waspie silhouette Angie in Sheri bestpictured right as she modeled my denim corset by Sheri. The difference is not dramatic, but important. Sheri’s slightly curvier patterning might be the best fourth choice to help Jasmine reach downward into the 18 and 17″ waist measurements, yet retain and perhaps add a bit more breathing room in her ribs.

Some clients love to sample the wealth of silhouettes, styling and construction techniques out there, while others develop a taste for one corsetiere and want to stick with him or her. That is fine and up to the corset enthusiast to choose. But we like to offer options at ROMANTASY, as our experience shows that having choices and even the slightest of differences in one’s corset wardrobe, can provide variety and make training an adventure and somewhat easier. What Jasmine chooses next, as ever, is up to her.

With hips at 33.5″ and  snug natural waist (pre corseting) at 23.5″, Jasmine now has a natural 10″ hip spring–the quintessential hourglass shape, even  before corseting.

By lacing down just 2.5″ as she now does (what you see actually shows a 1.5″ reduction since a corset adds approximately an inch to your measurements), her figure becomes noteworthy!

We’re happy to showcase our dedicated corset enthusiast clients, and hope to show you more images of Jasmine’s progress over the coming months and years of happy corseting.


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