One can’t help but be amused, again!

Upside down overbust corsetOne can’t help but be amused at the goofs seen from time to time in marketing and/or fashion photos, or in public concerning the corset-wearing enthusiast. These examples are too good not to be shared!

I was sorting out my files lately and ran across this denim corset shown on a model for an advertisement from a transgender magazine. It reminded me of at least three other incidents I have personally observed of overbust styles being worn upside down. One occurred in a lady’s bathroom of a SoCal “S&M” conference I was attending.

On that occasion while washing my hands, I noticed a young lady beside me at the sink. She was wearing a gorgeous red leather overbust style corset, but it was clearly worn upside down! The bust cups gaped away from her hips as pictured on the denim-clad model here, and it was more than obvious.

“Honey” I began as gently as I could, “that’s a gorgeous corset, however, I wonder if it might fit a bit better in the bodice if you tried it the other way on, bottom side up? I’m happy to help re-lace you.” (In the worst way I wanted to take her picture, but I refrained out of a sense of decency.)

You can imagine the strange look I received from her as she gathered up her things and huffed out the door.

It’s more common to see underbust corset styles worn upside down, some by new clients of mine. Below is an advertisement for an article on corsets that I found in an English magazine a number of years ago. How anyone on the editorial staff could let this photo of a peach coutil upside-down corset slide by into publication, is beyond me.

Upside downOver the years a few clients have called me in quite a disgruntled state, convinced that their beautiful new corset was Blue BR upside downimproperly made, or made for someone else. Or they tell me their muslin doesn’t fit. When I review pictures I ask them to send if they cannot drop by in person, I found that their corset was on upside down.

It’s even happened to an experienced corset enthusiast with about ten corsets in his wardrobe — on one occasion he still put his corset on upside down. Note right, the ivory elastic garter clips or receiver hooks peeking out the upper edge of a peacock blue dragon silk BR Creations corset. Then observe the same corset worn properly right side up, pictured left.

How can that happen  you ask, especially with an overbust style corset?

Start with basic lack of knowledge and ignorance of the newbie corset enthusiast, model, photographer, and/or dresser. Or, consider the effects of inattention while dressing. Continue with supreme lack of concern, and perhaps, the outsized ego of those who think they always know best. English corset

Can you always tell what is right side up in a corset, by observing the front busk? Normally the metal clip of the busk is on the right and goes over the stud on the left, similar to how a womena’s blouse buttons.

However, that is not always the case. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve seen a Jean Paul Gaultier corset with the busk installed in the opposite fashion, clip on the left and stud on the right.  Today I found the proof, and include the advertisement below for your review–and puzzlement. Who knows if it was done intentionally by this great French couturier and corsetiere, or not?

Two of my Romantasy team corsetieres have done that inadvertently, one on a personal corset of mine!

Gaultier corset busk wrongIt makes no functional or fit difference how the busk is installed, but is a bit disconcerting to put on such a corset, and for the discerning corset eye, to see it worn in public.  More to the point of today’s blog theme, such a backwards busk might cause you to put your corset on upside down!

For sure, mistakes occur in corset wear. You may make them, or observe them being made.

If there is one thing I learned from my school-teacher mom, it’s that education is a life-long process. If you don’t think so, prepare for some possibly embarassing mistakes. The important thing is to learn, and correct those mistakes as soon as you know.



Amazing Post Note:

No sooner had I published this blog than I went to my inbox email and the first message contained this, from a lady who had asked us yesterday if we could repair some bent boning in a new corset not by ROMANTASY. I had advised her to go back to her original corsetiere for any information and repairs, as that person knows best the construction techniques and expected fit. Here is what the corset client said today after she did what we recommended:

“(I went back to my corsetiere to discuss the bones bowing out and discovered that) I put the corset on upside down, also seems its more of a common mistake than people might think. Thank you for your input in this matter.”




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3 responses to “One can’t help but be amused, again!

  1. Post-post note from Ann: A response to this blog pointed out correctly that in the case of readymade corsets usually patterned to fit the typical hourglass female shape, a male may find the fit actually improves when the corset is worn upside down. We know that to be true because sometimes our smaller, also-readymade or standard-patterened “Simple Pleasures” cincher fits male torsos or wider rib cages better when turned upside down. However, an overbust corset for obvious reasons, and a fully-custom corset will never fit better upside down, so please don’t go there! When an ill-fitting corset is worn, it risks the fabric “easing” if not stretching in unusual ways, boning twisting or turning over time, and uneven pressure around the entire torso resulting in at least the above two problems as well as what we like to call “hot spots” or localized discomfort developing, the way a blister can arise from ill-fitting or new shoes.

  2. Catherine

    The photo of the Gaultier corset may simply have been printed in reverse. It happens ; )

    • However, would you not expect that magazine to issue an apology to Mr. Gaultier, or some sort of ruckus to have been raised? I’ve seen corsets pictured worn upside down in a number of other publications over the years so I doubt each one was printed in reverse, but you might be right! However, in my 27 years in this business, I have had about 10 clients email or call me to complain that a new corset “did not fit.” When they sent in the picture of it being worn, they had it on upside down! Still that’s a piddly number of total Romantasy clients, but it always surprises me. For many years we have put a label at the top back of our corsets, but even obvious signs can be ignored. One well experienced corset client some years ago put his new BR corset on upside down with the eight garter loops clearly evident sticking a bit out over the “top” edge of the corset, signifying that it was on upside down. It was only when I pointed that out to the client that he discovered what he had inadvertently done. Happens…

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